Your Complete Home Workout - Allergy Test

Have you resolved to make this the year that you become the heir to Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or are you just looking to look a little more lean for your summer holiday? Either way, you have to start somewhere and, increasingly, people are beginning their journey at home. To help, we’ve put together some exercises which will ensure you’re getting a full-body workout. Stick around to the end to see why an allergy test is essential before starting any new routine or diet.


The bodyweight squat is one of the most popular workout movements. It engages the core as well as legs and builds a stable base from which to work. In the gym, the squat involves carrying a barbell on your back. For this beginner, at-home movement we’re just going to use our body weight to work the muscles. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly lower your hips, maintaining a straight back. Go down as far as you feel comfortable. Hold this position for a second before rising back to the standing position. Perform three sets of 12 reps.

Press Up

The press-up will exercise your chest and tricep muscles. Starting in a plank position with hands placed just outside shoulder width, slowly lower your chest to the ground, stopping once your upper arm is parallel to the ground. Hold this position for around 2 seconds before pushing with your chest back up to the straight arm plank position. Perform this movement for three sets of 8.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

For this exercise, grab a can of beans or something similar. From a standing position, take one long step forward and place your hand on the knee of your front leg. Now, with your free hand, lift the can from the ground and pull it up towards your midriff using your back muscles. Now spread your back muscles out as you lower the can back towards the ground.

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Bicep Curl

For the bicep curl, using the can, hold it in a supinated (palms up) grip and, using the bicep muscle, draw it up towards your shoulder. Once your arm reaches a point where it can no longer bend, squeeze the bicep muscle before slowly lowering the weight back down to your side.

Take an Allergy Test

Taking an allergy test can help you identify the substances to which you have an allergy or intolerance. An allergic reaction can result in restricted breathing, making exercise difficult. An intolerance can even mask your results as they often present themselves with bloating as a symptom. We have an allergy test to suit all budgets.