What Is Bioresonance Testing? Finding The Right Test For you? - Allergy Test

Do you get that feeling when you know something is off? Do you want a better picture of your overall health? The Sensitivity Plus Test is a great option! BIORESONANCE TESTING is a holistic form of therapy and is categorized as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Bioresonance hair analysis testing takes a deep dive into areas that are not typically looked at by Western Medicine, and serves as a great educational tool to optimize overall health and wellness.

A small hair sample is used to determine:

  • Potential food sensitivities
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Environmental intolerances (e.g. specific types of pollen, mold, dust, dander etc)
  • Heavy metal exposures
  • Gut biome and metabolic health (specific strands of probiotics, digestive enzymes etc.)
  • The exclusive sensitivity plus test can benefit nearly everyone because it gives a view of health and wellness that most people do not know about. Knowledge is power, and this test can be used as a tool to truly optimize personal health. It is a valuable tool for those who are healthy and fit and are seeking to optimize their health even further. It offers guidance and help with diet, nutrition, and lifestyle management.

It is also beneficial for those who may be feeling frustrated because they have tried almost everything and are still not feeling well. It is very common to hear that someone has normal lab tests and physical exams, yet continue to experience certain symptoms or discomfort.

The Sensitivity Plus Test assesses 975 food, non-food and environmental items, nutrition (vitamins, minerals, and nutrients), Heavy metals toxicity, gut microbiome, hormonal balance, and digestive health items, and combines them into one easy to understand report.

Let’s take a little look at the cool science behind the sensitivity plus test…

BioResonance Lab Testing is done by Bruce Copen Laboratories at Allergytest.co. They follow a quality management system in accordance with AC: 2007 and are certified as a manufacturer of medical products. The MARS III is approved as a medical device class IIa in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC.

Bioresonance technology has been used in practices globally since 1970’s and has been improving at a significant rate. For the testing that the lab performs, a few strands of hair are placed in one of the four MARS III analytics machines. From the sample the equipment generates a report to identify whether or not the client will have any reactions, and therefore whether or not you need to avoid certain items or could be experiencing any imbalances. The test results provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the potential items which a client may be sensitive to. The labs also include food items, non-food items, nutrition/vitamins, gut biome, hormones and metals in one comprehensive report.

The science behind bioresonance has existed for quite some time, though its application in science and medicine seems to be a bit more of a mystery. Bioresonance Lab testing involves using a series of pieces of equipment together to get the accurate picture and analysis of your hair strand to give you the results that you’re looking for. These pieces could include x-ray machines, radiology equipment, and even ultrasound equipment itself. Even though it sounds complicated, it’s thought that the testing process is actually more streamlined than blood sample testing.

The hair is analyzed using this equipment, and a clear picture shows your sensitivities to certain foods in realtime, as recorded by your hair. With this information unable to be covered up or hidden or even misunderstood (such as a lot of self-diagnoses), it’s nice to be able to rely on the validity of this kind of testing as far as its results.

What do studies show?

Studies show that bioresonance (aka hair analysis) is effective in detecting drug use, making it helpful in organizations that are tracking long-term use and its effects. Many laboratories rely on it for its ability to go back through time and detect usage patterns and their effects for weeks or even years (depending on the hair sample). Other than drug testing, research is promising about its ability to detect and diagnose both food sensitivities and potentially allergies (though this is still under development), particularly in those who are hypersensitive or dealing with more severe reactions.

Historically speaking, bioresonance has been used around the world for all sorts of healing purposes. Now science is trying to catch up by using the same technique to help diagnose sensitivities to foods as well as toxins and chemicals.

Sensitivity testing can offer a cost-effective and non-invasive alternatives.

The expert team at Allergytest.co including bioresonance technicians and lab managers have spent the last 13 years continually developing hair testing technology to bring you the most effective tests on the market, covering the largest number of trigger items, all from their ISO9001 accredited Allergy and intolerance testing laboratory.

If you want to discover your sensitivities and start optimizing your health, have a look at our sensitivity test plus, to test your body against 975 common sensitivities