Chocolate: How you can enjoy it this year | Allergy Test

When an occasion like Easter comes around and it’s time to gather around the family dinner table and enjoy a feast, it can be hard for those of us with intolerances or food sensitivities. Especially when we’re surrounded by treats like candy and chocolate and we can’t enjoy it.

Don’t worry – we’re here to show you that there are ways to enjoy chocolate this Easter! It’s just all about being more conscious about finding alternatives.

Chocolate with a Dairy Intolerance

Chocolate, in its natural form of cacao, is completely free of dairy. Manufacturers often add milk, cream and butter to make it more appealing to a bigger market. However, the good news is that there are lots of pure cacao chocolate bars on the market. Look in whole food markets, or even in the baking section of your local superstore to find these options. It still has a delicious chocolatey taste, and can be melted and added to warm almond milk to make a hot cocoa!

Read the Ingredients

Many chocolate bars will contain things like nuts or raisins to taste, so if you have an intolerance or you’re sensitive to these, you will need to double check the ingredients on the packet. You don’t want to be spending Easter weekend curled up on the sofa with stomach cramps, so stock up on what is good for you so you can enjoy it without worrying about the side effects! It always pays to be aware of exactly what your intolerances are – with Allergy Test, we’ll identify those items so you can be prepared when you go to the superstore.

Be Healthier

So, you love chocolate but you’re just trying to be more health-conscious? We’ve all been there! Don’t worry, you can still get your chocolate fix this Easter, you will just need to find slightly healthier alternatives so you can enjoy your sweet treat without the guilt! Why not grab some natural cacao chocolate, melt it over a saucepan and have a fruit fondue at the dinner table? Dipping in strawberries, banana and other delicious fruits will help satisfy that chocolate craving without going overboard.

Many people avoid dairy products simply because they’ve ‘self-diagnosed’ themselves with an intolerance. If this is you, there may be another cause – or, there may only be one specific dairy product that you need to avoid. Don’t miss out on the foods you love. Get yourself an Allergy Test to find out exactly what you’re intolerant to?