FAQs Archive - Allergy Test

What’s the accuracy of blood testing?

In the case of allergy tests, we are checking the production of specific IgE antibodies against food and environmental allergens, while in the case of intolerances we are testing the production of specific IgG4 antibodies. Our testing are performed using ELISA...

What is ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic acid is best described as the driving force of Vitamin C. It is also used as a preservative in foods. However, please note, if you have shown an intolerance to ascorbic acid, this is to the preservative only and not to Vitamin C.

Why do you only show 85% on results?

We only take a very small sample of your hair, and this is all we need to give us the tools we need to test your sensitivities. The test results are then revealed and sent to you in an easy to understand form which is split into the different categories of food,...