Top 10 Most Common Food Sensitivities | Allergy Test

At Allergy Test, we are always aiming to improve our customers’ health one step at a time. One of our main aims is to help people identify their food sensitivities, and guide them through their elimination diet. If you think you have a food sensitivity (think of symptoms like a bloated stomach etc), then you should order a food sensitivity test and begin your new journey. Have a look below at the Allergy Test top 10 most common food sensitivities, and if you recognize any of these, then you should consider a food sensitivity test:

1) Dairy Products

If you suspect you have a food sensitivity then a common cause is likely to be dairy. For those who have a dairy sensitivity, you are likely to experience sensitivity symptoms, such as a bloated stomach, headache and other symptoms like nausea. You may also experience skin rashes. As dairy is a major staple of the American diet, it is important that you identify whether or not you have a sensitivity.

2) Eggs

Eggs are actually one of the most common things that you have an allergy to if you are a child. There are many proteins within eggs which cause unwanted symptoms for some people. Egg whites themselves have more of these proteins, but if you have an egg sensitivity then you should avoid anything egg-related! If you really feel it is an absolute necessity to have egg yolk in your diet, then please be very careful when separating the two, otherwise, you will still end up with a bloated stomach.

3) Shellfish

Everybody loves shellfish! If you are an adult and you eat a lot of shellfish, then it is likely you have a shellfish sensitivity. Think back, if you’ve tucked into crabs, lobster or even oysters recently and then suffered from a bloated stomach then the chances are you have suffered from a food sensitivity. To identify your food sensitivities, you should order a food sensitivity test today.

4) Peanuts

Almost everyone you know has an allergy or a sensitivity to peanuts. They are everywhere, in bars, clubs and at big events, and they are quite hard to avoid. This is why it is so important to order a sensitivity test as people need to be aware if you have an allergy or a sensitivity. A peanut allergy could result in a person ending up in a life-threatening situation, whereas a sensitivity will cause annoying and painful symptoms like headaches and a bloated stomach.

5) Gluten

Having a gluten sensitivity is not the same as suffering from celiac disease and it is so important that you differentiate between the two. Often found in grains including wheat, barley, and rye, gluten must be totally avoided if you think you have a food sensitivity. This can be hard when you are trying to do an elimination diet, as you have to read the ingredients so carefully.

6) Corn

Unfortunately, due to food technology and modern times, corn is not the same as it used to be. As it is a major part of your diet, the chances of you having a corn sensitivity will increase. Corn is now in EVERYTHING and so it can be difficult to complete your elimination diet if you have a corn sensitivity. Find out if you have a corn sensitivity by ordering your test today.

7) Caffeine

If you need a boost to get you up in the morning, then most people turn to coffee! However, having too much caffeine can cause a wide range of issues, especially if you have a sensitivity to it. If you are on your 4th cup of coffee before you even get to work, then this will not be good to the system! Remember though, when trying an elimination diet, and particularly in the case of caffeine, you need to be careful as you wean yourself slowly to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

8) Red Meat

Having a sensitivity to animal meats can be difficult. Meat is full of protein and many people, both men and women need protein in their diet to function properly. When doing an elimination diet, there are always protein supplements that a person can take in order to get the necessary protein into their diet. So, when tucking into a steak, if you experience a bloated stomach or a headache, it may not simply be a case of you eating too much.

9) Soy

Soy is a common cause of IBS symptoms. Similar to corn, soy is often found in many food products as a trace of ingredients, and the best advice is to read the ingredients carefully. If you have a sensitivity to soy and you eat foods with soy in it, then you will experience the symptoms which are listed here.

10) Wheat

Gluten is found in grains like wheat, however wheat itself is in almost everything. Like the other items mentioned, wheat is found almost everywhere so you have to be very careful to read the ingredients. If you suspect that you have a sensitivity to wheat, then please order a food sensitivity test to make sure.

For more information on ordering a food sensitivity test and for advice on coping with a bloated stomach, please contact today! We also provide hints and tips about helpful foods in our blog!