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Food allergies and intolerances have been on the rise in recent decades. For example, four in ten adults are affected by intolerance or allergy to certain foods in the UK, while over 50 million people in the US suffer from allergies every year making it the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the country [1]. Allergies are a controversial subject, and while some people are completely oblivious of them, avoiding them can lead to aggressive symptoms. Thankfully food allergies can be diagnosed, allowing you to learn more about them and manage them accordingly. So can you take a Hair Allergy Test to find out about your allergies?

The short answer is no; hair cannot be tested for allergies as it does not contain the antibodies released during an autoimmune response that can be used to detect allergies [2]. Numerous studies have confirmed that hair or saliva cannot test for allergies, and any such service claiming this is scamming people.

Due to the rise in the population of people experiencing food allergies and intolerance, there has been a rise in the number of online companies offering solutions and testing methods that make it easy to determine which allergies or intolerances you could be suffering from. While this is a great idea, false tests like hair allergy tests have no scientific evidence to back them up. Buying such a test would be a rip-off, and you won’t have any progress since you will still be suffering the symptoms you had before the test.

Hair allergy testing is also known as kinesiology. Along with electronic testing and muscle testing, Kinesiology is not part of conventional ways to conduct allergy tests. These methods of testing for allergies don’t work, and the only way to find out whether you are allergic to a particular food is by conducting a skin prick test or doing a blood test. But if you’re at your doctor’s office under supervision, the doctor could conduct a food elimination test. You can’t perform this test at home since it is very risky, especially if you experience severe food allergy symptoms like anaphylaxis.

Hair Test vs. Blood Allergy Test

Like we just explained, hair can never help diagnose allergies. They just don’t possess the right constituents needed to diagnose whether you have an allergy or not. Anyone claiming otherwise is trying to rip you off your money. Hair tests do not detect IgE since it doesn’t exist in your hair, and whatever results you will get won’t reflect a true food allergy.

In light of science and various official departments, a blood test is the only conclusive test that can determine whether an individual is sensitive to any edibles or other substances—a blood test checks for IgE antibodies in your blood. Different allergens result in the release of different antibodies. When your blood is tested for allergies, the test can detect the allergen-specific antibodies released to fight allergens. An allergen is an allergy trigger; when your body detects an allergen, it produces antibodies to fight it. When antibodies are released, they trigger your cells to release chemicals that often result in allergy symptoms. IgE is the most common antibody linked to the body’s allergy response.

So, when you have a blood test, it is easy to check for IgE antibodies rather than when you give a hair sample for testing. You can quickly get an allergy test online, follow instructions and mail your sample back to the lab for testing against the most common allergens. This method is simple, doesn’t take any of your time, and you’ll have the results in a week in your email.

This allergy test checks for allergies in the environment, food, and drinks. Since the compilations of these allergens are the most common allergies, you will be sure to find which food you are allergic to and any other allergies you might have and aren’t sure about.

Should I Get Tested For Allergies?

Woman lying in bed blowing her nose.

Woman lying in bed blowing her nose.

Allergies can seriously impact your life, and the quality of life will deteriorate even more if you don’t manage your allergies. Allergies can lead to different symptoms ranging from watery eyes to itchy skin. Mild intolerances can lead to a runny or stuffy nose. In contrast, serious ones can lead to chronic pains, persistent headaches, or even severe symptoms like anaphylaxis which need an immediate response like 911.

If you have the complaint of persistent headaches, unexplained abdominal pains, or blocked air passages, then an allergy test is the best option. Don’t fall for the fake Hair Allergy Test and waste your money and time.

Test Your Intolerance offers different types of tests that range from a few intolerances to testing for over a hundred of them. Profiling your allergies allows you to manage your intolerances in a meaningful manner by avoiding certain foods and allergens that the test points out. Even if you have to eliminate certain foods from your diet, you can talk to a nutritionist or your doctor about the alternatives so you can still have a balanced diet.

How Can I Get Tested For Allergies?

Blood sample tests are efficient, and you can quickly get your results. You can order your test kit online and have it delivered to your doorstep effortlessly. The test kit contains everything required to prick and collect the sample.

After collecting the sample, you can send the sample to the labs through the mail, and the results will be available in less than seven days. If you’re looking to travel or want to get the results at your home, you can. The results can also be accessed online, making the whole process extremely convenient.

You can order different kits depending on the type of test you’re looking for, as Test Your Intolerance also offers other blood tests that help you understand your body better and help improve the quality of life. If you aren’t sure whether you are intolerant or allergic, you can learn more about allergies vs. intolerance.


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