Bloated Stomach | When to take an Allergy Test | Blog

Food allergies are very common and the number of people suffering from them will only increase as time goes on. But how do you know if anyone has a food allergy or a food sensitivity? Well, you can order a food sensitivity test from Allergy Test if you are suffering from symptoms which include a bloated stomach, headaches or others including nausea. Find out more about which symptoms you should look out for when identifying a food sensitivity.  

When do allergies and food sensitivities appear?

Allergies are often hereditary and can appear in children many times. If your child is experiencing stomach pains and feels bloated all the time, then it is likely that they have an allergy or a food sensitivity. You should be aware of what foods are causing your child’s bloated stomach, and you can do that with an allergy test. If your child or yourself is identified to have a food sensitivity, then you can eliminate certain foods from your diet and watch the symptoms subside. Imagine going to a big event or a party and having confidence in yourself because you don’t have a bloated stomach?! How amazing would that be?

Is a bloated stomach caused by eating too much?

A bloated stomach can appear if you have eaten too much, but it can also appear if you eat the tiniest thing that you have a food sensitivity to. A sign of IBS, it is very important if you are experiencing symptoms that you evaluate your diet and are not eating anything that is causing them. This sounds simple, but it is not always easy to work out what is causing these symptoms. This is where Allergy Test come in, as its food sensitivity test can provide you with the necessary steps to get rid of your bloated stomach.

Do I have to eliminate foods completely?

Yes, but only if you have an allergy. If you have a food sensitivity then you may need to cut out the foods for a certain period (recommended six to eight weeks). If you stop eating the foods that are highlighted on your test then you should see your symptoms go away. After six to eight weeks, if you start reintroducing the food back into your diet and your bloated stomach appears again, then you know you should stop eating it completely! If you suspect that you have an allergy then we recommend you consult a Health Professional immediately.

For more information on dealing with a bloated stomach or ordering a sensitivity test from Allergy Test, please log on and speak with our customer service advisors who will be happy to assist you in any way possible.