5 Common Symptoms of Food Allergies | Allergy Test

No one likes to deal with a bloated stomach. It is one of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms to deal with, but it can be managed if it is being caused by food intolerance or allergy.

To find out which foods could be causing your bloated stomach or other symptoms similar to fatigue then please do order an intolerance test today. If you suspect that you have an allergy then you can also order an allergy test, but we do recommend that you speak to a health professional to discuss your highlighted allergens. Below are 5 symptoms you need to look out for if you have a food intolerance

1) Bloated Stomach

How do you beat the bloat? – This is one of the most common questions that we experience. If you know what is causing your bloated stomach then it can be easier to manage this symptom. If you have no idea what is causing the bloat then an intolerance test or allergy test is the way forward. In today’s society, bloat is extremely prevalent and is one of the most commonly reported gastrointestinal symptoms worldwide. Bloating itself can range in severity from mild to severe, and can be a source of embarrassment or can be uncomfortable. Order your intolerance test today to see if your bloat could be managed better.

2) Fatigue

Tired, weak and feeling a bit fatigued? It might not be just because you are working so hard at work. Although not as popular as a bloated stomach, fatigue can be caused by a number of foods and can also lead to people feeling unwell and frustrated the majority of the time. It can be a hard symptom to evaluate, but it is actually the body going into survival mood. If you are not eating the right foods or are not eating, then your body will save energy and thus, fatigue will kick in. Learn about eating the right foods with Allergy Test here.

3) Diarrhea

Nobody likes talking about diarrhea, but what foods cause loose bowels? Put simply, diarrhea is when the number of times that someone goes to the toilet increases. It could also be that the amount is more than usual. It is common, and nothing to worry about, but if you can identify the cause with an intolerance test, then why wouldn’t you? Avoid embarrassing symptoms today with Allergy Test.

4) Nausea

Some of the symptoms we have discussed include a bloated stomach and fatigue, but these are more annoying symptoms and can be embarrassing. However, nausea is actually also a symptom of food intolerance and can make you feel incredibly ill and hamper your ability to have a social life, or even work hard. An intolerance test could stop you feeling sick as you learn which foods are causing your nausea, and you can remove it from your diet.

5) Anxiety

Yes, although anxiety is not a direct symptom of a food allergy or a food intolerance, it can come about because you are worried about what your symptoms might cause and when they may appear. With an intolerance or allergy test, you can avoid these potential symptoms appearing as you remove offending foods from your diet!

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