Pollen Allergy: How to Tackle Symptoms | Allergy Test

Pollen is the bane of our lives! Along with ragweed, it is everywhere and there is not really much we can do about it! If you have a pollen allergy, then there are ways you can combat your allergies, starting with allergy testing, but otherwise, hay fever is one of those things that we just cannot deal with all the time. One of our main solutions is to take an allergy test and ensure that your windows are not open. If our allergy testing highlights that you have a pollen allergy then this would be perfect for you! So let’s discuss how you should be dealing with hay fever below:

1) Don’t open windows

If you could just stay indoors all your life (which some of us would love because of hay fever), then this would be ideal, but this is not good for your health. During allergy season, the temptation is to avoid going outside so that you can avoid allergy symptoms. Many people have conducted research into allergies, and suggest that you safeguard your home and car from unwanted pollen. but you should leave windows closed and rolled up!

2) Clean Everywhere

On the other side of that, some people love spending so much time outside in the summer that they start to neglect the inside of their house. This means that there is a build up of things like dust inside which causes a load of allergy triggers. Hoover up the skirting boards and ensure that there is no dust anywhere as otherwise, you might feel the effects of these potential allergen triggers.

3) Order allergy testing

Order allergy testing to see how you can deal with your pollen allergy. If pollen doesn’t show up as an allergy or intolerance then you might be able to find out other items (food or non-food) which could be causing your symptoms. It is better to know your allergies than to try and self-diagnose. Pick up your allergy test today.

For more information on allergy testing, you can log on to www.allergytest.co and order your test.