Is Sugar Sensitivity Haunting your Halloween? - Allergy Test

Halloween is a fun time for impersonating your favorite characters and trick or treating with your friends or family. However, the fun can quickly be replaced with pain, discomfort, and stress when a sugar sensitivity or allergy rear its ugly head. To avoid any unwelcome tricks induced by the ‘treats’ understanding of candy sensitivities and allergies ahead of time is ideal.

Candy sensitivity

Sensitivity to candy, like other sensitivities, have certain symptoms you can keep an eye out for. They may be are than other sensitivities, but sugar sensitivities do happen and are best taken seriously if they announce themselves. Common symptoms to look out for include;

•  Gas: You may be sensitive to sugar if you find yourself feeling particularly gassy after enjoying your holiday treats. 

•  Bloating and stomach pain: Any stomach pain after eating candy could be a sign of sensitivity.

•  Diarrhea: Another sign that your body is struggling to digest sugary food is diarrhea. The runs shouldn’t be part and parcel of eating candy. 

It can take an hour or two or symptoms to show, as the sugar needs some time to make its way down into your digestive tract.

Sugar allergies

Sugar allergies are thought to be quite rare but can arise in children. They’re even more likely to erupt around Halloween when there’s more opportunity for kids to get a hold of excessive amounts of candy. A few symptoms to watch out for are:

•  Sneezing: Seen as a mild symptom of this allergy, constant or frequent sneezing after sugary foods are to be expected for those allergic.

•  Abdominal pain: Often accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal pain is quite common for those with a sugar allergy. This can range from mild to severe pain, differing from person to person.

•  Hives: The mouth and face, in particular, can break out in hives just like with other, more common allergies. 

Anaphylaxis: A more extreme symptoms anaphylaxis, characterized by difficulty breathing. Thankfully, this is rarer than the above symptoms though.

Unlike with sugar sensitivity, symptoms to a sugar allergy will appear rapidly, often right after consuming sugar. You should expect a similar reaction time to other allergies.

Being Prepared

Worried about your kids being allergic or sensitive to their Halloween treats? The best way to be prepared for any potential reaction is to be there when they eat it and be ready to help if any symptoms do appear. In most cases, you’ll know of any allergies soon after consumption as a baby or toddler, but it’s not uncommon for things to slip past unnoticed. 

Here’s something to help prevent any sensitivities from haunting your Halloween and ensure everyone enjoys themselves. 

Oh, and remember that sensitivities don’t automatically mean a boring Halloween – just that you’re the best to tailor to them so you can make the most of it.