Replacements for Living with Sugar Intolerance - Allergy Test

We all like to enjoy something sweet every once in a while, but most of us don’t really think about the idea of grabbing a chocolate bar and enjoying it. If you are living with sugar intolerance, however, you may not feel like you have the luxury. This is especially so if your intolerance is moderate to severe, where even small amounts of sugar make you double over with cramps, etc. At this point, you may want to consider looking at some replacements for sugar.

Sweet ways to live with sugar intolerance

There are quite a few alternatives that you can now explore when it comes to bringing a safe sweetness into your diet. Some of the main options (and most recommended) are:

  • Stevia
  • Splenda (this uses saccharin as a replacement for sugar)
  • Sweet N Low (this relies on the sweetening properties of sucralose)
  • NutraSweet (this is a sweetener from aspartame)

These sweeteners are made up of varying supplements and will offer you varying tastes as a result. For example, Sweet N Low is often preferred in tea or coffee. This is also the case for Splenda. However, Stevia and NutraSweet are said to have slight after-tastes, making them more suitable for baking or cooking recipes. Everyone’s personal preference plays a role, however. 

Ways to make sugar intolerance work for you

When it comes to simply enjoying something sweet without worry, you will still need to be apprehensive about trying something without checking the ingredients list. This list of sweeteners has great options for when you are looking at making something for yourself. There’s a lot to be said for doing your own baking and cooking, even if it isn’t as “fair” as simply enjoying something without concern. 

That being said, there are all sorts of bakeries and even commercial brands that are starting to look at sugar alternatives, even just for general health purposes. You can find cookies and cakes that are sweetened with natural sweeteners such as Stevia, for example, in a lot of the common grocery stores. This is predicted to rise as more and more people start cutting traditional sugar out of their diet.

Keep in mind

While rare, there is such a thing as a sugar allergy. You will want to make sure that you are dealing with an intolerance and not an allergy. This is best confirmed by taking a food intolerance test and/or an allergy test. Not only will this offer the confirmation you’re searching for, but it will also help you learn about any other potential allergies or intolerances that you didn’t know about. 

If you’ve got a sweet tooth with sugar intolerance, there is a lot of hope. You can find all sorts of recipes online that are designed for those who want to rely on sweeteners instead of sugars. This includes the idea of cutting back as well as completely omitting sugars from their diets. These can offer you more freedom to explore the fascinating world of dessert without the pain of having intolerance symptoms.