Meat Sensitivity | Are you suffering from a meat sensitivity? | Allergy Test

Meat is a major part of many people’s diets, and it is important to know whether or not you have a meat sensitivity with a sensitivity test. A test from Allergy Test will help you to identify your sensitivity to meat if you are experiencing any symptoms related to an intolerance. 

Meat sensitivity can cause digestive discomfort for some people, as well as bloating, stomach issues and headaches. Meat isn’t all bad though as many use it as a great source of protein as they look to get the energy and strength they need in order to succeed. Meat is also really good in nutrition values but some people will have a sensitivity to it.

What to look out for in a meat sensitivity?

If you are suffering from intolerance symptoms after eating meat, then you should note them down as it could be that you are suffering from a meat sensitivity. So, if you are struggling with a headache, a bloated stomach, or even nausea then you should order a sensitivity test to find out if you are intolerant to any food items. Meat is one of the items that we test for. If meat is highlighted on your report as something that you have a sensitivity to then you know that you have to remove it from your diet and your symptoms will hopefully subside. An elimination diet can be done to find which item you are intolerant to, but this is time-consuming and can often result in you removing items from your diet which are actually beneficial to your health.

What happens if you don’t digest your meal properly?


You may start to feel sick if you have a meat sensitivity, as you are not digesting the food properly. If you often go out to eat and are eating meat which you are not digesting properly, then you may often experience nausea which can be painful. Order a sensitivity test to find out how you can stop your nausea.

Double portion size

If you are out to eat, then please remember that eateries usually serve double the recommended portion size, and this will cause your body some major issues as it struggles to digest the food. Overindulgence of a certain item can lead to food sensitivity and so it is important that you make sure you don’t overeat.

Loss of muscle

Yep, many of us eat meat because we are trying to gain muscle mass. However, muscle loss can actually be a sign of food sensitivity. Ordering a sensitivity test can help you learn whether or not you have a meat intolerance. This indicates that meat is not actually being digested and consumed by the body in the normal way.

Remember, food sensitivity is different from food allergy and our food sensitivity test looks to identify whether or not you have a food sensitivity, not an allergy. Find out more about food sensitivities and their symptoms by checking out If you have any more questions about food sensitivities or which test might be right for you, please speak to our customer service advisors via LiveChat