Soy Allergy Substitutes | Allergy Test

A common occurrence nowadays is meeting people who are suffering from a soy allergy. This is a food allergy which has seen many people have to re-evaluate their diet in order to cope with certain allergies. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Firstly, we must understand what a soy allergy actually is and what those who suffer with it can eat. Typically, a soy allergy can bring out a variety of symptoms, all of which can have an impact on our body and mind. Popular items that have count soy as an ingredient include soy milk. This has been an ever-growing presence in the food and drink industry, and learning that you are allergic to soy can bring about disappointment to many. This is because several people opt to drink soy milk over cows and goats milk. However, with a soy allergy, this is no longer an option. However, there are alternatives, as we will go on to discuss.

Currently, Almond is the most common alternative milk that you are likely to find. This is also a popular choice for many and so your soy allergy may not be the disaster you think it is. Other alternatives are coconut milk, hemp milk, oat milk, and rice milk. Now, these may all be well known to you as they are popular choices amongst those who suffer from a lactose intolerance.

Remember, having a soy allergy can be managed. Even though it may affect your daily routine, it can be managed with alternatives. If you are deciding about to whether to take a test to confirm your soy allergy, then the first option is always to try an elimination diet. If you think soy is causing your symptoms to flare up, simply take it out of your diet and see how your body reacts. If you feel a lot better, then after the recommended six weeks, slowly reintroduce soy back into your daily routine. If your body sees a reaction, then soy is most likely the cause and you may have a soy allergy. If you feel fine with soy back in your diet, but your body reacts when you reintroduce more of it, then your body may only be able to tolerate a certain amount.

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