7 Recycling Tips to reduce your carbon footprint - Allergy Test

We’re always hearing how we should all be putting more effort into recycling. But it can be tough to know where to start, or how to improve our recycling. Because at Allergy Test we’re dedicated to improving peoples’ health and living conditions, we’ve put together a few quick tips to help with your recycling efforts.


Bit by bit – don’t let it pile up – Recycling Tips

Keep up with recycling by sorting rubbish as it accumulates instead of waiting for it to pile up – this will help you build it up as a habit. It also stops you from feeling reluctant to sort through smelly waste.


Separate bins throughout the house

Invest in different plastic, cardboard and composting bins throughout the house (with airtight lids!). This way there’s no excuse for you to send recyclables to landfill.


Squish! – Compact

Compact your rubbish so you can fit more into each bin. Don’t fill them up with 80% air! Especially those bags going to landfill. Flatten cardboard boxes, stomp on cans and squish cartons.


Buy recycled

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying recycled goods. Many of what you buy regularly is probably made from a percentage of recycled materials – be sure to check the label before you buy to make socially responsible choices.


Recycle your water!

This one is easily missed out. We don’t often consider that water itself can be recycled.
If you boil some vegetables, instead of pouring the water down the sink, you can let it cool and feed it to your plants. The nutrients in the water will help them grow as well!


Plan meals in advance, buy smart

Minimise food waste by planning your meals in advance and only buying what you need. You’ll use up less food packaging doing this, as you’ll bin less food overall. This will help prevent unnecessary waste and save you a few quid along the way.



Finally, make sure everyone in the house is on the same page. It’s far easier to be successful if you’re working together as a team, so make the joint decision to make a conscious effort of improving your recycling efforts.


At Allergy Test, we’re committed to reducing our own carbon footprint. Did you know we also recycle in our offices? In fact, make use of quite a few of these tips already! If you’re finding yourself throwing the same foods into the bin due to putting off finishing it, you might benefit from a food intolerance test. An Intolerance test will let you know if any foods have been causing your stomach havoc. Thus explaining why you may have been consciously or subconsciously avoiding it.