Raising Awareness During Thyroid Awareness Month - Allergy Test

Even the most well-intentioned adult may feel as though they are struggling to keep up with all the different health focuses. The truth is, there’s a lot to think about and remember regarding your health. That’s why it’s so convenient that things like World Thyroid Month exist. This month happens to be thyroid awareness month. It’s a wonderful chance to dive deep into understanding how thyroid testing can be the tool you need to understand what is happening in this vital organ.

The basics of your thyroid gland

Let’s take a few moments to learn more about the thyroid gland and what it does. This gland is on the front of the neck, near the bottom, shaped like a butterfly. This has earned it the name “butterfly gland.” This organ has the big job of producing hormones that it then sends to various points in the body. These hormones impact all the other organs in your body. So, having the wrong amount can impact everything.

If your thyroid isn’t working correctly, improper hormone production is a common result. This can lead to subtle thyroid problem symptoms that can be tricky to notice and diagnose. This is part of why thyroid testing is so valuable. Use thyroid awareness month to come to terms with health problems associated with you thyroid.

What are some of the most common thyroid health problems?

There are quite a few different health problems that your thyroid could be having without you even being aware of them. Some of the most common ones to learn about are below.


This condition is when your thyroid overproduces the hormones that are required. This leads to symptoms such as weight loss, anxiety, and excessive sweating.


Opposite to the above, this thyroid problem occurs when your gland doesn’t produce enough of the hormones required. Common symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, and feeling cold all the time.

Thyroid cancerThe Most Common Thyroid Health Problems?

There are certain risk factors for thyroid cancer, but it can also develop with no warning. Thankfully, thyroid cancer can be treated with high survival rates in many cases. The key is diagnosis, which is best done through your doctor.

Thyroid nodules

These are small growths on the thyroid. Over time, they can contribute to hyperthyroidism. This happens when a nodule produces and sends out thyroid hormones after it grows to a certain point.

Thyroid goiters

A goiter is when the thyroid gland is enlarged, similar to a nodule. A goiter can grow on a perfectly healthy thyroid gland, so it isn’t always a reason for concern!


This condition is when the thyroid swells and is enlarged. This condition often leads many to seek treatment, as they can feel or see this swelling.

Many of these thyroid health problems are diagnosed after they have been happening for quite some time since their symptoms can be so mild and assumed to be related to other normal life circumstances or aging. While it’s understandable that you’d overlook these seemingly commonplace symptoms, it can prevent you from getting the help you deserve.

How does thyroid testing help?

Even if you are not someone who often considers testing for any health condition right away, it’s a good idea to consider thyroid testing like any other routine testing. Many thyroid health problems are easily treated and managed once diagnosed. Also, their management can often relieve the patient from symptoms that have been impacting their lives. This can offer more comfort, convenience, and a better enjoyment of life.

Of course, testing and treatment also offer a lot of peace of mind to those who want to stay on top of every element of their health profile.

Thyroid awareness month is the perfect time to learn about thyroid testing and seriously consider it for yourself and your family. At-home testing offers convenience, comfort, and control over your health profile, making it even easier.

Now and into the future beyond World Thyroid Month, give yourself the gift of an in-depth look at your health. This will help you better understand your body’s needs and give you a clear idea of what’s going on with your thyroid. Perhaps most importantly, taking the time to learn about thyroid health means that you can then help others around you understand it, too. This gives you the unique experience of helping others take positive steps into their healthy futures. That sounds like a great advantage of modern-day health options, right? Discover more about your health with Allergy Test!