Can I Get an Allergy Test for Dogs? - Allergy Test

All members of your family should be able to access the same kind of medical intervention and support when needed, including your furry ones. One of the common things to do is consider an allergy test for dogs. Since there are certain breeds that tend to be more sensitive to ingredients in foods or shampoos more than others, you may be considering this kind of test for your pooch to feel his or her best.

Is there an allergy test for dogs?

At Allergy Test, we don’t offer an allergy test for dogs in the same way that we would offer one for humans. Since getting a blood sample from a dog can be challenging in some cases, especially since it’s often a DIY approach, we made a choice to offer sensitivity testing instead.

Just like with humans, sensitivity testing in dogs works by determining what ingredients disagree with your dog’s stomach and digestive tract and are causing them problems. Since most negative reactions do come from changing a pet’s food or a new treat, simply taking a look at your dog’s digestive health can give you an idea of what you need to avoid in the future.

A sensitivity test for your dog is also going to be more comfortable as far as the testing process itself. You simply include a hair sample along with the submission form and send it off to the lab for testing. The results and support on an elimination diet for your pet — if needed — will be emailed to you quickly so that you can start adapting their lives to be healthier and better overall.

If you compare that easy to an allergy test for dogs, the difference is clear. A potentially stressful blood test is required for allergy testing compared to a hair/fur sample test for sensitivity testing. Not only will your dog prefer the latter option, but you will too!

It doesn’t have to be one or the other

The other detail to think about is that you don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other, end of story. You can start with a sensitivity test and see what the results show you. If you find out that your dog has intolerances to ingredients found in certain foods or treats that you know to cause a problem, follow the elimination diet and see how they do in time. If they don’t have any more issues with reactions or symptoms, it might be simple as that.

If you notice, however, that your dog is still struggling with other symptoms even following those instructions, it could be possible that you do need to get an allergy test for dogs. These are offered through most vet practices and can be done in a safe and stress-free situation for both dog and owner. 

Knowing that your dog needs an official test is a great start, but before you head straight to an allergy test for dogs, consider a sensitivity test as your first stop. It could offer you the solution that you need, and it won’t cost you an expensive vet bill to get it!