How Common Is Peanut Allergy? | Allergy Test

Dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten and peanuts are the most common food allergens in the US. With the country boasting (for want of a better word) more food allergies than any other nation, it is not completely clear why. Allergy testing has helped to identify that there are more allergies than ever, and this is a good thing because it means that people are now able to manage it. In terms of peanut allergies, there is actually some promising news! So, if you have not tried allergy testing yet, it needs to be the next thing on your list!

Prevalence of allergies

A study published in 2013 by JAMA revealed that people in the US get more food allergies than any other countries and that even moving to the country will increase the chances of you developing an allergy. Although this is a worrying thought, allergy testing is now available through Allergy Test, meaning you will be able to manage and cope with your symptoms a lot better than ever. The big issue, however, is that allergies are costing the government A LOT of money, and also fatalities as allergy tests are life-threatening.

Peanut allergies

There is some good news for those suffering from a peanut allergy and the subsequent symptoms. With the potential to cause anaphylactic shock and have an effect on people’s work and social lives a lot more than they realise, peanut allergies have the potential to be life-threatening. Like all allergies, peanut allergies tend to be hereditary but they can appear at any point, however, it is not clear why. Researchers are believed to be close to solving the issue, with some people recommending that children are introduced to peanuts early as the antibodies are developed to help fight them.

Why the US? Get allergy testing now

Nobody, despite trying so hard, can identify why the US is more affected than any other country with regard to allergies. However, countries like Allergy Test are able to offer allergy testing solutions. If you are not sure whether or not you are suffering from allergies, then you should not leave it to chance. Our report comes bursting with detail, and we explain why you have been listed as an intolerance, as well as detailing some advice on what you should do next.

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