How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolution - Allergy Test

How long do you think the typical New Year’s resolution lasts? A month? To March? Summer? The answer is that most New Year’s resolutions have failed by the second weekend. Two weeks and most people have jacked it in. The main reason people drop their resolutions is that they’re not experiencing sufficient benefits to stick to their new routine.

Why Resolutions Fail

The vast majority of New Year’s resolutions relate, in some way, to weight loss or getting into shape. Who amongst us hasn’t, at some point, stated a determination to get fit and turn some of that fat into rock hard muscle? This means either both or one of two things; diet change and exercise. For many people, these are two of the hardest habits to change and maintain. Being strict with the foods you eat and dragging your tired body to the gym or on a run is not a particularly appealing prospect to the average person. So any setback is seen as an opportunity to give up and go back to the way things were before.

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The most obvious result people are looking for is a flatter stomach. To feel comfortable on the beach or at the pool. To begin with, this involves increasing energy expenditure (exercising) or decreasing energy input (calories eaten). Generally, you would eventually expect to reach a point where the body fat covering your abs disappears. However, sometimes your hard work can be masked by bloating. This is where the food you eat irritates your digestive system, resulting in excess gas production. This gas then sits in the stomach, where it causes it to bloat. If you’re experiencing this, then you’re probably experiencing a symptom of food intolerance. By taking a food intolerance test, you can identify your personal trigger foods. We have a food intolerance test for all budgets.

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Breathing Difficulties

Food intolerances can also affect your ability to perform physical exercise; they can cause congestion and breathing difficulties. It’s easy to write poor breathing off as bad fitness levels, but it can just as easily be a food intolerance. Don’t let this symptom get in your way. This can make exercise difficult and seem like more than enough reason to give up and grab a beer. But take heart. A food intolerance test will help you identify foods that may cause you to struggle for breath.

Get your secret weapon to achieve your New Year’s goals, take a food intolerance test today.