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A recent poll has indicated that approximately 59% of people have agreed that food manufacturers usually label foods correctly, and list the top allergens that people are allergic to. However, as we enter 2019, are food companies doing enough to label their foods correctly? A lot of people who suffer from food allergy have to carefully inspect every single item they pick up when they go grocery shopping, and so it is so important that all the ingredients are labeled correctly.

Recent stories over in the UK at the end of 2018 highlighted the importance of labeling allergies in a correct way, especially if someone is suffering from a food allergy. Even though there are many people don’t spend a lot of time checking their ingredients, if they have a food allergy then it is very important that these products are labeled with the right ingredients. If you do have an allergy, it is also very important that someone close to you knows what to do should you suffer an allergy attack.

With the most common food allergens among Americans being milk and shellfish, it is even more important. This is because milk is a staple of almost all American diets, whether it be in cereal in the morning or milk with a cup of coffee. Although milk has always been around, millennials are more likely than older generations to say that they are suffering from a food allergy.

In a recent trend, YouGov has reported that US adults are now more likely to trust food manufacturers more than restaurants when it comes to serving allergic people. So, is eating out harder when you are suffering from a food allergy? It is! But if you know if you have an allergy or a sensitivity then you can plan ahead and speak to the eatery where you are going! People around you will understand and it is so important that you have a support network in case you ever suffer the symptoms of an allergy.

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