Navigating Allergies and Intolerances on National Cheeseburger Day - Allergy Test

Some holidays you’ll let pass by, and others you will want to celebrate and go all-out for. One of the essentials is National Cheeseburger Day. There’s never a wrong way to enjoy a cheeseburger, of course, and what better day than this one to prove that’s the case? Before diving too deep into cheeseburger variations, take a moment to know what you can and cannot enjoy safely by ordering allergy and intolerance testing. It’ll be more important than you might think and give you the confidence to try something completely different!

Cheeseburger history

Let’s start with some cheeseburger history since it’ll make us appreciate our favorite meal even more. The now-famous cheeseburger had humble beginnings in 1924 when it was invented by Lionel Sternberger. Only 16 years old at the time, he decided to add a slice of cheese to a hamburger to see how it would taste. He originally called his invention a “cheese hamburger,” which was then changed and coined as “cheeseburger” by restaurant chains.

While many enjoy classic hamburgers to this day, the cheeseburger is as popular, if not more so. Statistically, more than 9,000 Americans say cheese is their favorite burger topping, so it seems young Lionel stumbled onto the best thing ever in burger history. One of the best details about cheeseburgers is that you can do just about anything for a fun combination of toppings, and it’ll be an excellent adventure for your tastebuds.What's the most common burger topping

The best burger toppings

So, what kind of things can you enjoy with a fresh slice of cheese? Pretty much just about anything that you can think of. As far as polls across the country, lettuce and tomatoes are next on the list of popular burger toppings. After that, there are many results for popular toppings and condiments alike.

Then, of course, the wonderful world of cheeseburger recipes allows you to play around with the burger patty itself. You can experiment with spices in those, or even go “alternative” and go with plant-based burgers or another protein source such as salmon or poultry.

How does testing relate to cheeseburgers?

This sounds delicious, sure, but there is one “ingredient” on your list that you’ll want to put at the top: allergy and intolerance testing. This at-home test will give you clear, accurate test results that will tell you if you are allergic to or intolerant to any of the common active ingredients or toppings used in a cheeseburger. Since no one wants to react to their favorite food, this is a great idea to consider. Here are just some of the items tested that could easily appear in your cheeseburger recipe:

  • Tomato
  • Egg whites
  • Meat
  • Olive
  • Wheat
  • Beef
  • Gluten
  • Button mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Sesame
  • Zucchini

Whatever the results tell you, you can use those to guide your recipe and topping choices so that your cheeseburger meal is all about the great tastes instead of the potential side effects of allergic reactions!

This is also a perfect opportunity to ask your dinner guests about their intolerance and allergies since many people have them. It’s a great way to open up a conversation about them, giving you the information you need to make the meal right for everyone.

Get a little cheeseburger crazy

With that behind us, there is also the opportunity to get wild when it comes to how we are going to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day. There are many fun recipes that will allow you to get as curious as possible both in the kitchen and in the topping choice that you lay out for the table. It’s now even a trend to combine previously unheard-of combinations to enjoy something new. The whole point of a classic American cheeseburger is to enjoy your favorite tastes, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative, too! You’ll be in good company.

Just make sure that you cross-reference your fun and flashy recipe with the results from your allergy and intolerance testing to make a platter of safe, fun, and delicious tastes for the whole table. It won’t be as hard as you think!

There is so much deliciousness waiting for you when celebrating National Cheeseburger Day. The hardest part is narrowing down the options. But this is a lovely problem to have! Do you want to get takeout or make your own? How wild do you want to get? How many people will be attending your celebration? Make the most out of the time that you have, and go all out, but be aware of the hidden allergies and intolerances!