Why Are Minerals Important in Our Diet? | Allergy Test

When eating your meals, you should try and make sure you are consuming a balanced diet full of the correct nutrients, vitamins and metals. This is important to know because many of us focus on eating the right nutrients and vitamins, but we always forget about metals. This is why at Allergy Test, we value metals testing as it helps point people in the right direction when they are evaluating their diet to try and be healthier.

Metals Testing

When we say metals, we do not mean classic metals, but metals required for our body to function properly. Without the correct metals in our body, our body struggles to function and we can suffer serious side effects, such as anaemia, skin issues and even fertility problems.

Take a look below at what metals like Zinc and Copper can do to your body.

1) Zinc

Foods which are full of Zinc can be extremely beneficial towards your health. This is because Zinc metabolizes nutrients, and maintains your immune system, which then grows and repairs body tissues. This is why it is so important! Meat and Shellfish are perfect for you if you are looking to increase your body with the nutrients required. As well as Protein, meat also provides a great source of Zinc, particularly red meat but it can be found all over. Partial to a bit of lamb, feel free to include this in your diet as it will make you feel miles better. Basically, red meat is both yummy and healthy!

2) Copper

As well as Zinc, Copper also plays a vital role in boosting our immune system, as well as helping to form tissues and organs in an unborn child. A vitally important mineral, Copper benefits the health of our bones, nerves and even the skeletal system. Our bodies need to ingest a wide range of foods high in copper because the body cannot make the mineral itself, even though copper is one of the main ingredients that it uses. In order to avoid a copper deficiency, it is vital that our copper intake stays in balance with both zinc and iron levels. Metals testing is extremely beneficial as it helps you keep tabs on what metals you are consuming. It has been reported that consuming too much of a particular metal can throw the other mineral levels out of balance! Make sure this does not happen with metals testing!

If you are considering metal testing, and are in the process of evaluating your diet, then please head over to www.allergytest.co and take a look at what we test. If you are unsure which test you would like to use in order to test your sensitivities, then we have customer service advisors who are available on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week.