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Fancy a treat if you do not have a seafood intolerance? You won’t want to look any further than this lovely healthy recipe, as recommended by Jamie Oliver! Can be used for big families who do not suffer from a seafood intolerance and they don’t even take that long to make! So, check it out below!

What you need for your crabcakes

You need three spring onions and half a bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley, and these are easy to find in most grocery stores. Whilst you’re there, pick up a large free-range egg and 750g of cooked crabmeat! Mash 500g of mash potato up and sprinkle a teaspoon of white pepper! Adding a bit of flavour, we recommend a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, as well as plain flour for dusting, olive oil, watercress and the side finishing: tartare sauce!

What you don’t need when eating crabcakes: Seafood intolerance

If you have a seafood intolerance then you will not want to eat anything that is related to seafood as it will cause a range of issues in your body, notably your stomach.


Grab hold of the spring onions, finely chop them and then pick and finely chop up with the parsley before beating the egg! You then need to combine the crabmeat, potatoes, spring onion, parsley, white pepper, cayenne and egg in a bowl. This is when you add the sea salt. Place in the fridge for a half hour and then cut them yourselves.

Dust the crabcakes with flour and shallow-fry in olive oil. Heat for about 5 minutes at a medium temperature until golden-brown. Serve with pinches of watercress and a dollop of tartare sauce!


If you’ve got any questions about intolerance testing or are looking to see what impact seafood intolerance might have, then pop over to and pick up an intolerance test. It could help you loads as you alleviate your symptoms.