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Worried you have a gluten sensitivity? Looking for alternatives? If you’re gluten-free, these top tips from Allergy Test should help you. Check out our blog below to see how we can help you.

1) Find alternatives

It sounds simple, but it is important that you use gluten-free substitutes in place of gluten-containing foods. Not everyone does it, but it is essential to make sure that you can live a happy and healthy life. In most supermarket stores, you will find gluten alternatives, including pasta, bread rolls and cereals. But please, when you are doing your grocery shopping, make sure you read the ingredients carefully.

2) Nature vs Nurture

Remember, a lot of healthy foods are naturally gluten-free, including fruit and veg, which you should consume on a daily basis. Other foods which do not usually contain gluten include meat, poultry and fish. When considering what dish you are going to whip up for the family, please remember this.

3) Read the ingredients

Although already covered above, we cannot emphasize how important it is that you check the ingredients for potential allergens. If you have a gluten sensitivity, then you should look for gluten-free foods. However, there are some foods you can have which aren’t advertised as gluten-free. So, make sure you read every single ingredient carefully, it may be time-consuming but it could lead to you living a much happier and healthier life.

4) Enjoy Naturally Gluten-Free Cereals

Remember, if you are maintaining a gluten-free diet, you don’t have to discard every single grain and cereal that you come across. Nutritionists and other Chefs have recommended that you swap traditional breadcrumbs for polenta crumbs, or even consider gluten-free buckwheat or rice noodles.

5) Enjoy Meals with your Friends and Families

Even if you do have a gluten sensitivity, it doesn’t mean you cannot go out anywhere. If your friends invite you out, you should still go with your mates, but check ahead with the chef at the restaurant where they have made a reservation. With gluten sensitivities and allergies more common than ever, most restaurants will take the necessary steps to make sure you enjoy your stay.

6) Uh Oh! Avoid Alcohol!

Gluten-free alcohol includes cider and wine, so you can relax a little. The issue comes with beer, which sometimes contains yeast. Always keep an eye out for the labels as gluten-free beers are readily available, and are essential to making sure you can still live your life to the full.

7) Saucy

Everybody loves a bit of sauce to spice up their meal. But, remember, you must avoid sauces which contain gluten! There are lots of pasta sauces, gravies and condiments which will contain wheat flour and could potentially be harmful to you if you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

8) Try New Things

You should try and experiment in the kitchen! This is because you can find new ways to have tasty meals that you never knew about. You can spend time getting used to gluten-free flours and baking aids, and you never know, you may learn to love the foods you never tried. Make sure you give it a go.

9) Be Sensible and Healthy

Again, this may be an obvious one but it is not one that everyone follows. Do not think that one little bite will not hurt you if you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, because it will. Make sure you find those gluten-free foods and stick to them, it could lead to a happier and healthier you!

10) Take a Sensitivity Test

Yeah, you guessed it. You should definitely take a sensitivity test if you haven’t already, as it may help to explain your mysterious symptoms. If you are not sure, you can always log on to and chat with our customer service advisors who will happily explain the process to you and help you to pick the right test! Go on, you know you want to!