What to Do After an Intolerance Test | Allergy Test

It is true that many people suffer from an undetected food intolerance, which is manifested in the form of highly discomforting symptoms such as diarrhea, insomnia, flatulence, bloating, constipation, sinusitis, skin problems and more. At times, the symptoms can be severe enough to be even life-threatening. Thus, a food allergy test is essential to diagnose such a condition and determine the foods that are the actual causes of the intolerance. Find out what life after intolerance test is like, and how to get cured completely after you test positive in such a test. 

Follow a proper eating plan

After you have been diagnosed and the doctor finds out about the types of foods that you are intolerant to, you should follow a proper eating plan that eliminates the same from your daily diet. The elimination diet should be carried out for at least 8 weeks. Although it might sound like a long period, you can actually get habituated to your new diet after just a couple of weeks. It will be easier for you to cook and eat new foods.

Follow your doctor’s advice

After an intolerance test it is important to follow the recommendations and suggestions of your physician, who obviously knows more than you do. He is likely to prescribe medicines and supplements that can treat the intestinal lining that has become damaged due to intolerance. He can recommend the use of supplements such as L-Glutamine, probiotics, Echinacea or garlic. He can also recommend one or more types of vegetable or fruit juice to heal the gut lining in a natural way.

Re-introduce the foods that are suspected to be the cause

After the period of 8 weeks or whatever your physician prescribes, you need to introduce the suspected foods back again into your daily diet. This will ensure that the symptoms are not triggered again or that the results have been read in an improper way.

Using alternative therapies

It is often that alternative therapies are used to cure sufferers. Naturopathy is often advised after patients test positive in an intolerance test, as it assists in boosting the natural immunity, and helps the patients’ bodies to have the power to heal the self as fast as possible. Constitutional hydrotherapy is another method that is often used along with natural medicines. This is highly effectual in reversing the progression of the intolerance and starting the healing process of the body.

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