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A typical situation. You were invited to a birthday party. Had a nice dinner and a couple of drinks, went home, woke up the next morning with a rash all over your body. It’s an allergy – but what were you allergic to? Trying to remember all the foods you tried last night, but there were so many – how do you find out the trigger element? Instead of waiting until the next party where you would track everything you ate, you can just take a food allergy test, which is a much quicker way to find out what is going on in your body.

Benefits of a food allergy test

The biggest advantage of a food allergy test is that you know what to eat and what not. No more unexpected reactions from your body: you know what you are allergic to so you try your best to avoid that product. It can also change your lifestyle: if you find out that you are allergic to oranges, maybe it is not the best idea to grow them in your garden or to work at a juice producing factory. If you have children, it can also prepare you for their allergies: you may think twice before giving them too many oranges – give them a little first and see how their bodies react to them because children often have the same allergies like their parents.

Regular methods of food allergy testing

When you have an immediate negative reaction to a product (within approximately two hours), you have an allergy. To identify the trigger element, the doctors usually make use of blood tests, which show which blood elements are low and which are high, and based on these data, the doctors in the laboratory can name the product. Another type of tests is a skin test when the product is placed a little beneath your skin to see what reaction it produces.

Alternative methods

Sometimes doctors would advise you to eliminate a particular product from your diet for 2-6 weeks. Then they would watch if the symptoms go away, and if yes, they would confirm an allergy to that product. In other cases, they would send you to are laboratories that analyze food intolerance (when the reaction takes more time to show itself) and perform hair tests, which is less painful and even quicker than the blood tests. After that, they try to find a solution and develop a new diet for the person.

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