Dairy Sensitivity Causing Bloated Stomach | Allergy Test

Hey! Let us guess, you’ve just found out that you have a food sensitivity to dairy and you are now wondering what you can do about it. For ways to get rid of your bloated stomach and other symptoms, you can order a food sensitivity test from Allergy Test. There are many things you can still eat when you are trying to cope with dairy sensitivity, but you do have to read the ingredients carefully. This is because, for things like milk, there are plenty of alternatives that a person can have to replace in their morning cereal.

What symptoms of dairy sensitivity should you look out for?

When suffering from a dairy sensitivity, you need to look out for symptoms like vomiting, pain or stomach cramps, bloated stomach, and bowel issues. If you have a food sensitivity then these symptoms can be managed by eliminating the offending foods from your diet. In the case of dairy sensitivity, finding alternatives would be a better option, as usually there are healthier alternatives out there.

Which foods should you look out for if you have a dairy sensitivity?

If you are trying to avoid dairy related foods, then you should look at eliminating milk, butter, and cheese from your diet. If you feel as though milk is a necessary part of your diet, then you should find alternatives. Some good and healthy alternatives to milk include Almond milk, Soy milk, Oat milk, and Hemp milk. If none of these take your fancy, then Coconut milk is also considered to be a healthy alternative. These kinds of milk should be safe to consume without getting a bloated stomach.

Make sure it is a dairy sensitivity and not lactose intolerance

At Allergy Test, our range of tests cover what foods an individual is sensitive to. With lactose intolerance affecting 40 million Americans and more than 60% of the global population, the chances of a person suffering from a dairy sensitivity are quite high.

For more information on ordering a sensitivity test and finding out what Allergy Test can to do help you, you can contact our Customer Service advisors on www.allergytest.co