Intolerance Test for Pets | Allergy Test

You may have taken an intolerance test or an allergy test recently, but did you think about getting your pet tested as well? If not, now is the perfect chance to make sure your pet is living a healthier life alongside you.

Whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit or horse, we’ve got you covered! Pick up your pet test today and feel a lot better about your pet’s diet!

1) What’s in the pet intolerance test?

Our Pet intolerance test is ideal for one animal, and tests 30 of the most common items which you would find in a pet’s diet. With your pet test, all you need is a downloadable submission form to send in with the hair sample of your pet. Please do note that no testing kit is sent for this product, but you will need to ensure you download the submission form. An intolerance test could be exactly what your pet needs to feel better.

2) How do you get your results?

With our pet testing kits, we email you a PDF report which details all the results that you need in order to ensure that your pet is in full control of its health. So, what negatives are there?! None! Learn about how your pet, whichever animal it is will react to certain food items. You can then tailor your pet’s meals around your pet’s results.

3) What do we test for?

You can find out what we test for in our ‘What’s tested’ tab which you will find on the product page. If you are regularly feeding your pet these foods then you need to have a look at these items. The intolerance test for pets offers an analysis of 30 common food items and the intolerance report is delivered to you in one comprehensive, detailed report.

For more information about intolerance testing for pets and to find out what we can do for you, order your test today and feel a lot better about what your pet is eating and how they are feeling.