Fatigue & Food Sensitivity Relationship | Allergy Test

It is important when you are analyzing your allergy test results that you understand which tests you have bought. If it is a hair test which you have purchased then we must emphasize and reiterate that this test will not diagnose you with food allergies. It will determine which foods are most likely to cause your food intolerance symptoms, one of which may be fatigue. You need to read this as it can be easy to confuse food allergies and sensitivities with intolerances, as the terms are often used interchangeably

Food allergy and sensitivity are not the same

Of course, if someone is allergic to a food item, then it could be described as being ‘sensitive’, however, as a health condition, an allergy is different from food allergy or intolerance. There are a couple of simple differences which you need to be aware of. Having food sensitivities may be uncomfortable and cause intolerance symptoms, but hey are annoying, embarrassing and can often cause debilitation. Symptoms like a bloated stomach, fatigue or even headaches due to eating the wrong foods can cause severe issues.

Food intolerances and symptoms (including fatigue)

Food intolerance does not have the potential to be life-threatening, like those caused by a food allergy, but food sensitivity and intolerances can also change over time. A food intolerance can be managed and overcome through removing the offending food from your diet. You can actually improve your gut health when you remove offending foods, but a food allergy is actually life-threatening and also lifelong. A food allergy cannot be managed.

Analyzing your results

You yourself may know that you have an allergy or intolerance, but you are determined to find out what other items you are allergic to. With our intolerance and allergy testing procedures, we can help you to interpret your sensitivity results to this particular item. When looking at our results, if the item you have a known allergy to shows up as a no reactivity item then this does not mean you don’t have a food allergy. This is not questioned. It does NOT mean that you should reintroduce the offending item to your diet, and you should always respect the diagnosis of a professional. If you have purchased bioresonance hair testing, because you are suffering from fatigue, then this does not test for food allergies.

What happens next?

After you have received results from us, you will begin to receive 28 emails from us on a daily basis. This will give you the encouragement, advice and also awareness which you need to guarantee that your elimination diet will be a success and you will no longer suffer from fatigue. Eliminating the offending food items for a certain amount of time can allow the gut to rest itself and get used to not having the trigger foods. After four to six weeks, you can begin to reintroduce the offending items back into your diet.

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