Milk Allergy Symptoms & Prevelance | Allergy Test

Milk is an essential part of most people’s diet, but if you have a milk allergy then you need to find some alternatives. This is because milk is good for your health and also is beneficial for bone strength. BUT, it is also one of the most common food allergens, particularly in the case of children. With allergies affecting millions of people around the world, there are actually a few people suffering from life-altering allergies but they do not even know it. Make sure you are not one of those suffering from a milk allergy or any other allergies which are life-threatening by getting hold of your allergy test today.

Symptoms you are looking out for

If you sometimes find that you are experiencing allergic symptoms but are not sure which testing kits would be right for you, then take a look at our website to make sure you get the right test for you. Allergies can be difficult to deal with, and sometimes, if you have trouble taking a deep breath or are suffering from headaches and a bloated stomach all the time, then allergy testing could be exactly what you need. An allergy test can point you towards what could be causing your stomach pain, your bloat, or your migraines. If you find yourself struggling after doing heavy work, including hill climbing and heavy lifting, then this could be exactly what you need. No one should struggle through life, so rule out an allergy today.

Prevalence of milk allergy

We’ve discussed some of the symptoms that are associated with allergies, but what is the actual prevalence of milk allergy. According to the ACAAI, between 2 and 3% of children younger than 3 years old are actually allergic to milk. It is not just children that have a milk allergy however, as there are plenty of adults also experiencing similar symptoms, including stomach upset, bloat, vomiting, and anaphylaxis (worst case scenario).

What do we recommend?

If our results indicate that you maybe have an allergy to milk, then you will need to remove milk from your diet permanently. However, a milk allergy does not mean the end of the world, as there are plenty of alternatives around. With the world waking up to the seriousness of allergies, and milk allergy, grocery stores and other companies are coming up with plenty of dairy and milk alternatives. Don’t let a milk allergy ruin your life and order an allergy test today.

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