Identifying Food Sensitivities and what they mean | Allergy Test

A lot of us are not even aware of what food sensitivities are. At Allergy Test, we are here to help. The common questions include asking what impact certain foods have on their body, and what this means for their diet in the future.

The first important thing is to never rule anything out! This may sound simple but plenty of us feel unwell and never think about what we have eaten up to 72 hours earlier. This is what food sensitivities can cause. However, if it is a food allergy then there will most likely be a reaction within 1-2 hours.

Other things to consider are the fact that you may have overindulged. As many people have a certain sensitivity to some foods if they have eaten too much. Over-indulging or overexposure to a food can cause your body to build up an intolerance to it. Be sensible, watch what you eat and figure out how your body is reacting to the food item.

Again, it may just be that you are eating too much. This will mean your body may have built up an intolerance to a certain food if you have eaten it on a daily basis. Have a think about what you are constantly eating, and you may realize there is a common culprit. When taking a hike, consider what snacks you are consuming. If you are outside a lot and are seeing a lot of symptoms, it may be the outside world. This may mean you do not have any food sensitivities, and it is something in the environment that is causing you grief.

These symptoms include bloating and flatulence, stomach aches, diarrhea and occasionally vomiting, skin rashes and itching. Headaches may also occur, and you should be careful that you are not just putting this down to feeling unwell.

Struggling to identify potential food sensitivities? The best way to check may be to take a test. If you are interested in finding out more, head over to and our customer service team can help you on a 24 -hour basis, 5 hours a week. We are always looking to help.