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Food allergies and sensitivities happen to be one of the more common causes for every health problem. Allergy Test can help you to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to certain foods. In case you are suffering from a health issue that requires treatment, it will not be useful to simply avoid a random food, but you should identify your sensitivity through a test or a steady and planned elimination diet. However, we do not recommend self-diagnosis. It might actually be counterproductive, given that it could be distracting and take attention away from the actual or underlying cause. When it comes to a sensitivity test or a food intolerance test, you should take a look at the range of tests we have an offer. However, we do recommend that if you think you have a food allergy, then you should consult your Doctor immediately.

IgG Food Allergy Tests for Sensitivities

This is one of the more common tests for food sensitivities. The test makes an assessment of a patient’s intolerance reaction to some specific food through an evaluation of whether your body is producing antibodies against the same. IgG antibodies happen to be a form of antibodies that are related to various foods. It is assumed that by measuring IgG antibodies to some specific foods can help measure the extent or severity an allergic or intolerance “attack” that the body mounts against the specific food.

Many people commonly undergo an IgG test, and the exam displays that their body is forming IgG antibodies in response to foods. Although IgG antibodies can be produced as a reaction to many types of foods. However, the test can indicate that food sensitivity is a problem. With an elimination diet, the foods that produce such reactions can soon to be recognized and take out of the daily meal plan.

The results obtained from IgE tests happen to be better as compared to those of IgG tests. Bioresonance Tests are also used in some cases, to determine food allergy or sensitivities.

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