How an Allergy Test Works to Improve Your Wellbeing

Hello! You’re here because you want to know more about allergy testing and intolerance testing. All of our allergy testing products work in the same way and we operate them with the same goal – to make them feel happier with a food allergy test. Within the testing, there are immunoassay’s which determine the levels of antibody reactivity against specific food allergens. Find out more about the food allergy test below which should make you feel both happier and healthier in your diet with Allergy Test

Blotting Procedure

At Allergy Test, we test for allergies using a blotting procedure, and this is very similar to ELISA (a well-known testing procedure). Blotting procedures are often used as diagnostic tools, and these provide analytics for many areas of health care and immunology which is in aid of the diagnosis of medical conditions. Thanks to this, a food allergy test will be able to help you decide what allergens you need to potentially remove from your diet, as this will remove the risk of allergy test.

How do we test for food allergies

In order to conduct our food allergy test, we measure a specific antibody response, but we do require a few things to ensure your results are accurate. In order to get the most accurate results for you, we have devised a panel of specific allergens which are derived from foods or other triggers, (and these include pollen or epithelium cells). We then also need conjugate, wash solution and substrate in order to enable our lab technicians to deliver a perfect and detailed report for you.

Various number of allergens

Important to note: The number of allergens on a panel will vary, depending on the test that you purchased. However, the test only changes the number of items, with the reaction being the same. Onto the next step, the first stage of the immunoassay will be to apply a number of patient samples. Again, this varies on whether or not we are testing for IgE or IgG4, with each panel tested based upon the purchased product. If there are any specific antibodies present in your sample, specifically relating to those on the panel, they will bind. Every panel also has three control values that will always react the same way with known values.

Next up

When the test is in process, the panel will require to be washed with the wash solution. This is designed to remove all unbound sample from the panel, thus preventing non-specific binding to the panel. Following us yet? Don’t worry, it does all make sense! When being washed, the washing must not be too abrasive so that it doesn’t remove bound allergens and antibodies. After this, a specific conjugate is used by our technicians, and this conjugate has been devised to react to either IgE antibodies or also IgG4, depending on which test you have chosen.

Ultimately, as is explained in your results report, if you are thought to react to any of the allergens on the panel then this will bind to the complex of antibody and food allergen. If this happens, the complex will be marked by the presence of the conjugate binding. This will be left to react for a period of time. This is all done to ensure that the results of your food allergy test are as accurate as possible as you devise a new diet plan around your results.

Wash again

Leaving no stone unturned, the next step in our allergy testing process is to use the wash solution again to remove unbound conjugate. This means that our lab technicians handle your sample with the utmost care. A food allergy test is important because it involves your diet. You can get yours here.

Food allergy test lab

At Allergy Test, we are determined to make sure that you become happier and healthier. We have ploughed extensive time and effort into ensuring that the whole food allergy testing process is perfect for customers. You can learn what the best foods are to have in your diet, and also what foods you need to avoid as you examine your allergy and intolerance testing process. We offer a great range of tests for any customer type, so make sure you get your hands on your food allergy test today.

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