Taking a hair sample - Allergy Test

How to take your hair sample

The following four steps are on the form for you to print and submit with your sample. Please read each step carefully. When you’re ready to take your sample, please ensure you have the following things ready: scissors, a sealable see-through bag, and a pen.

Step 1 | Taking Your Sample

Using your forefinger and thumb gather 3 or 4 strands and slightly twist the hair together. This will make cutting the hair sample much easier and keep all the hair strand in the same direction.

Try to cut the hair sample as close to the scalp as possible, using one cut. We do not need the follicle (bulb) for the testing.

Guidance | The sample does not need to be from your head; we can test any body hair. Hair dye, perming or other treatments do not affect the bio-resonance testing process.

Step 2 | Storing Your Sample

Please seal just the hair sample in the see-through bag to ensure it stays dry and secure during transit. Ensure your samples are clearly labeled, write your submission code (displayed on the printed form), and the patient’s name on the sample will ensure no delays.

Guidance | We cannot test samples that are loose, or in metal foil or metallic packaging. Please be careful not to include other items in the same bag as your sample as this can affect testing. Each person submitting samples will have a code, so ensure that each person has their code on their sample.

Step 3 | Sending Your Sample

Please print this form for each sample being submitted and cut off the barcode to be enclosed with your sample. Place hair samples in a secure envelope or postage wallet and post to the following address.

Guidance | If you do not have a printer, we can accept your sample as long as it’s clearly labeled with the patient’s name AND the submission code. Please ensure correct postage is paid; incorrect postage can cause major delays to the processing time. Allergy Test is not liable to pay additional fees, your package may be returned.

Step 4 | What happens next?

Once your sample is posted, it will be sent to the postal hub in your country before being collated in ‘priority medical samples’ postage and sent to the testing facility; please note this can take up to 20-days in some extreme situations.

Once received, we will then scan your barcode/enter your submission code, which sends you an email to let you know your sample has arrived.

Our lab tech team will then process each sample, and your results will be sent via email to the address provided on the digital submission form.

Guidance | It is important to note that bioresonance tests do not make a medical diagnosis nor are they intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you are suffering from or suspect you have a medical condition you should consult a qualified practitioner in the first instance.

Frequently asked questions

How do i take a hair sample?

The safest way to take a hair sample is to ask someone else to help you. Using your forefinger and thumb, gather 3 or 4 strands and slightly twist the hair together.

This will make cutting the hair sample much more accessible and keep all the hair strands in the same direction.

Try to cut the hair sample as close to the scalp as possible, using one cut. If you do not have anyone to help you, using a mirror may help ensure you avoid injury.

My hair is very short, or I am bald. Can I still complete the test?

The hair sample does not have to be from the head, we can test hair from any part of the body, including leg, arm, or chest.

My hair is dyed, permed or treated; will this affect my result?

The test is completed on the hair sample composition so that no hair processing will not affect the result. However, if you would like, you can provide hair from elsewhere on the body.

Can I complete a hair test on a child

Children can complete a hair sensitivity test once they reach five years old due to their immune system changes and the importance of eating a varied diet.

Infants have not yet built up their tolerance levels to items, highlighting false positives in their test results.

However, it is up to the parents or guardians if they would still like to proceed knowing this.

Is there anything additional to pay?

If you’ve purchased one of the sensitivity tests, you will have to pay the postage cost back to the processing center, which then sends the sample to the UK.

We try to keep our costs as low as possible (by not sending out physical hair testing kits) so that we can offer such a comprehensive test at the price offered.

Please ensure the correct postage amount has been paid as we are not liable for any extra charges

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