Lactose Intolerance: A Milk Alternative | Allergy Test

Wow! Who knew you could be allergic to milk? We did! It may come as a surprise to many as milk is so common amongst Americans! We have it in our cereal, in our coffee and many other meals! When we go to get the groceries, it is usually the first thing on the list. But, some people suffer from symptoms of lactose intolerance and therefore cannot continue to consume milk in a way that they normally do.

What if we told you that we knew a way for you to get rid of your bloated stomach? 

Check out Kefir milk as an alternative to normal milk. It is a cultured and fermented milk drink which has been compared to yogurt because of its similarities. Kefir milk has a tangy taste and can help you avoid the symptoms of lactose intolerance, unlike normal milk. It is also very nutritious, bursting with friendly bacteria that support your gut and can ease a bloated stomach.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance

With a bloated stomach being one of the more common symptoms of lactose intolerance, kefir milk is a perfect alternative if you don’t think you can last without it! This is because the fermentation process helps to break down the lactose within milk.

Where can you get it? 

Almost anywhere! With grocery stores stocking up on this delicious alternative, you can wave goodbye to your symptoms of lactose intolerance without taking it completely out of your diet. It will usually be in the dairy section but don’t forget to ask if you need to. What’s more, you can now even buy kefir grains online and make your own milk at home, Please do be careful though, as if it’s not made correctly, it could make you ill, which defeats the point! So, we recommend you buy it instead.

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