Food Sensitivity & Allergy: 5 Questions Answered | Allergy Test

Did you hear about the report which showed that people in the U.S. develop more food sensitivities and allergies than in any other country? No? Well, it is true. Allergy stats have shown a huge increase in food sensitivities and allergies, so be careful and watch out. Don’t worry though, we at Allergy Test have answered five of your most common questions. 

What are food allergies and sensitivities?

First things first, an intolerance or sensitivity is not an allergy. It is more common than allergy but does not have the potential to cause life-threatening symptoms. Allergy is generally a life-long condition however intolerances and sensitivities are not necessarily, depending upon the type. Sensitivities and intolerances can still cause debilitating symptoms and chronic inflammation. Linking trigger foods can be challenging as symptoms may occur hours after a person ingests an offending item, but they can also occur up to 7 days later.

What foods are people allergic to?

There are many foods which people are allergic to, and with sensitivities being more prevalent than allergies, there are also many more foods which people have an intolerance to. You would be surprised to learn how many people do not know the eight major good allergens which people need to look out for. According to the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), there are supposedly more than 170 foods which have been reported to cause allergic reactions and food sensitivities.

Food Sensitivities – How do they develop?

Essentially, anyone can develop food sensitivities or intolerances to any food if they overindulge or are overexposed to a particular item. Causing a range of symptoms, such as fatigue, lethargy and consistent headaches, there are many things which you should look out for when trying to identify your sensitivities with Allergy Test.

What impact do food allergies have on people?

A serious impact. Some food allergies can be life-threatening and they will stay with you the whole way through your life. They can also be incredibly expensive. FARE report that caring for children with food allergies can cost families in the U.S. up to $25 billion on an annual basis. Now that’s a stat. There is no cure for allergies, but we at Allergy Test work hard to make sure you can identify your food sensitivities. You can manage your allergies however by avoiding the offending foods. You can also learn how you should manage your reactions to ensure anything life-threatening does not occur.

How do you summarize a food sensitivity?

Food sensitivities, also known as ‘intolerances’ can be a pain, both physically and mentally. As they are far more common than an allergy, they are easier to manage as we can avoid them. The issue with food sensitivities comes when it is time to identify them. As their symptoms can appear up to any time within 48 hours of digestion, they are hard to pinpoint. That is of course unless you come to Allergy Test, where we go above and beyond to make sure you can identify your sensitivities.

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