Food Replacements For Those with a Dairy Allergy - Allergy Test

There’s no better time of the year to stuff your face with too many cookies and soft fluffy cake than the holiday, right? But, what if you are looking at a way to enjoy the holiday season and all of its treats while you are living with a dairy allergy?

Icing, sugar cookies, and even cake are all eliminated from you’re “safe to eat” list. Or are they? Now more than ever, dairy alternatives abound, and they are exactly what you need to enjoy all of the best treats worry-free.

Christmas baking with a dairy allergy

When you want to do all of your favorite recipes, you can still do them even when facing down dairy-based allergens. It’s going to be all about the substitutions, and it isn’t going to be nearly as hard as you think!

  • Use soy or almond milk: If you have a recipe that comes for any kind of milk, you can easily substitute in soy or almond milk. Not only are these great for those who are trying to watch their sugar intake, but it’s also a really neat way to add something a little different to your standard recipe. Both soy and almond milk can offer up a slightly different taste, but that will only make it all the better.
  • Replace butter with vegetable-based oil: Since pretty much every good holiday recipe calls for copious amounts of butter, this often causes a problem to those who have particularly strong dairy allergies. Try switching it out with a vegetable-based oil instead. You can still enjoy the creamy texture you’re looking for, but it will be dairy-free and easier to work with (no melting required).
  • Try a buttermilk alternative: One of the hardest options to find is something that can give a tasty alternative to buttermilk. However, you’re covered with a combination of soy or rice milk and a cup of vinegar. It doesn’t seem like it would be what you’re looking for at first glance, but it is delicious and will give you that buttermilk effect you are going for.

Don’t forget Santa’s cookies!

Since no one knows for sure what Santa’s diet is — what his needs are — it’s a great idea to make sure that his cookies and milk combination is free from dairy too! Plus, any little ones (or big ones) in your life that want to be cookie testers for Santa’s snack can sample and test away without fear of a reaction.

Baking with a dairy allergy is not as hard as it used to be, especially since a lot of people have now made the switch from dairy to alternative products for health reasons. You’ll even find that this can be helpful for those who live vegan for moral purposes as well, as the holidays can be tricky for these people as well. All that’s left is to try out these popular substitutions for all of your favorite cakes and icing and cookies. No one will be able to even tell the difference, which is the best compliment you could ask for.