Food Allergy Testing Before Your Vacation | Allergy Test

Summer Vacation is here and it is all that has been on your mind all year. It is a time which should be about enjoying a relaxing getaway and spending time with your friends and family. However, there is a but which comes in the shape of food sensitivities. Well, a simple way to take food intolerances off your mind is food allergy testing.

Just when you’re about to get on the plane, you feel uneasy. You cast your mind back to lunchtime and wonder whether it was something you ate. If you have undergone food allergy testing, then this question will not need to be asked.

But, in case you have not, then we have some advice to help you identify some potential issues. Now, we know you may be thinking that going on holiday is about switching off. The situation is though, that some of us cannot, as we are worried about food allergies. If you do not speak the language, then you may be worried if you have a reaction to a certain food. The best advice we have is to plan ahead, do your research and take all the stress away.

Unfortunately, not all of us can tell if we have developed an allergy or a sensitivity to a particular food. If you haven’t undergone food allergy testing at Allergy Test then we can provide you with some symptoms to watch out for, which may indicate a potential sensitivity.

As Summer is a time when we like to indulge in our foods, it is important that we know what our body can tolerate. When lying on the beach, it is always hard to resist that extra drink but sometimes we must think of the bigger picture. To potentially help you out, have a look at our guide to having the perfect Summer vacation.

Do Your Research

Having taken one of our tests, do your research about the location you’re going to. If its self-catering, this might be easier for you, as you can prepare your own meal with our own ingredients, knowing exactly what you are putting into your body. Remember, supermarkets nowadays are always up to date with food developments and will usually stock alternatives and substitutes for the foods you cannot have.

Be Sensible

Not the sentence you probably want to hear but food allergy testing is around for a reason. If you know you have an allergy to a certain item, don’t take the risk. If you are sensitive to a certain item, then you can be proactive, but do watch what you eat! Do not give into temptation, no matter how delicious the food is.


Make sure the people you have gone away with know exactly what you are allergic to. Also, make sure they know what to do if you have an allergic reaction. Don’t be embarrassed to let everybody know that you have a food allergy, it will not do anybody any good. Your friends and family they love you so they will be happy to cater to you and make you smile this Summer!

Let your Mind Drift Away

Don’t focus on the food, think of all the other wonderful memories you will create in your time away! Go for long hikes, take in the scenery and forget about any allergies! Summer is for you to enjoy, so make sure you do!