What’s Inside a Food Allergy Home Testing Kit? - Allergy Test

When you make a decision about your health, it should always be an informed one with all of the details needed to give you confidence in your choice. When you are considering the option of a food allergy home testing kit, this is no different. You need to be able to know what to expect both inside the kit as well as the results that it may offer you the test itself. Here’s what you should know.

What will you get with a food allergy home testing kit?

Instructions on how to use the kit: The kit will start off with a sheet of instructions that focus on the full usage of the kit and how it will be helpful for your health. Each step is clearly explained so that there is no confusion.

•  Self-contained finger pricks: Finger prick needles are included in the kit for ease of use and disposal after the test is completed. They are designed to be virtually painless as possible in their use.

•  A sample card for your blood: A card is included that shows you where to apply the blood from your fingers. This will be what is used to test your blood against the allergens in the lab.

•  Return instructions: Proper packaging instructions and details are also included to make sure that you are getting your test back in a timely manner with no chance of loss in the mail.

Benefits of the home allergy testing kit

There are a lot of perks to considering a food allergy home testing kit, including convenience and comfort, as two of the leaders. But there are some other important details that this collection kit can offer up as well:

•  Better accuracy than skin prick tests: When it comes to food allergies, skin prick testing is not considered to be the most accurate of options due to false negatives. Blood sample testing is much more likely to give you the accuracy that you’re looking for when it comes to something as serious as a food allergy.

•  No reaction guarantee: If you’re considered a skin prick test or an oral test, both of these could potentially cause a reaction during the testing process. If you are prone to having anaphylactic reactions, this is especially so. Blood testing is done in a lab using your blood sample that you mail off, so there is no chance of a reaction occurring at all.

•  Helpful support and advice: When you get your results emailed to you, you’ll be able to enjoy FAQ responses as well as support and elimination diet instructions specific to your results so that you can use all of it to help you make any changes needed in your day to day life.

There are a few options to consider for allergy testing, but when you look at a food allergy home testing kit and all of the included details that it can offer you, it’ll often be the best choice for you and your needs, even if you wouldn’t have thought so at first.