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Food allergies are very common and are apparent even in children. It is tough to find out what an individual is actually allergic to and find out whether they are suffering from allergic responses to something that they have eaten before. Children, particularly young ones, do not necessarily knwo that they have food allergies. Thus, as a parent, you must be aware of the various symptoms that call for an allergy test.

Digestive issues

Cramping, stomach pain, stomach pain etc are some of the commonest digestive problems that arise from an allergic reaction to dairy foods, meat, peanut, wheat and more. The signs and symptoms may arise only a few hours or just a few minutes after consumption of trigger foods based on how severe the allergy is. Those suffering from food allergies can avoid the intake of those potential causes.

Respiratory issues

Breathing and swallowing difficulties are among the commonest symptoms of food allergy. When there is difficulty in breathing, patients tend to gasp for air. In some cases, the reaction might occur in a matter of a few minutes. In worse cases, there can be possible asthmas attacks. Those who suffer from an allergic reaction to food items such as peanuts tend to carry medicines to reverse the symptoms and get relief in just a few seconds. Unless medical help or medications are immediately used, there can be suffocation and even death. You would require urgent medical attention in case you are not aware that you suffer from an allergy.


In the case of allergies to spice, gluten etc, there can be problems like stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Although these symptoms can subside after a few hours, in severe cases the symptoms might be acute enough to need medical attention. With continued vomiting, patients may suffer from dehydration. This can consequently also result in death if sufficient liquid is not consumed and the body is not hydrated well. The feeling of nausea subsides after taking rest for some time but may persist as long as the digestion of the food continues. Please do be careful if you have food allergies.


Hives are one of the commonest signs of food allergies, and these often arise when someone eats a food that he or she is allergic to. Some individuals suffer from strawberry allergies, and the intake of this fruit can make hives break out on their body. The itchiness associated with hives can be tackled with an anti-itching cream. However, medical treatment might be needed in acute cases. This is because of the fact that a food allergy leading to hives may get serious and have an impact on the lungs. This can consequently lead to an asthma attack. The attacks can be acute and can even lead to death unless treatment is immediately received.

Do you think you may have food allergies or intolerances?

If you are experiencing food allergy symptoms yourself or suspect your child to be suffering from the same, then you should immediately contact a doctor and get medical attention. If you think that you may have a sensitivity, then a test might be useful for finding this out in a conclusive way.

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