Food Allergen Testing: 3 Tips For the Perfect Day Out

Here at Allergy Test, we are huge fans of a big picnic. Flying into Summer, we challenge you to tell us what could be better than enjoying the outside world. Allergy-free, you are perfectly equipped with the right foods to help you relish the summer. Ah, that’s the snag. Not of all of us are allergy free. We know this because we have undergone food allergen testing to find out exactly which items are causing us grief. There are many ways to ensure you have the perfect day out, however! Check out our three tips below for having the perfect day out:

Undergo food allergen testing

Yes, picnics are simple and easy and for everybody to enjoy! With a blanket, a basket and some delicious snacks, it is the perfect day out for family and friends. The best way to enjoy your picnic though is to pick homemade snacks. If you pick something off the shelves, it may have hidden ingredients which will ruin your day.

Choose a family favorite

Is there a food which is a family favorite which no one seems to react to? Leave everybody salivating at the thought of eating as you head out on an adventure. With food allergen testing, you can guarantee that everyone will enjoy the meal. Remember, preparing it at home will mean you know exactly what is going into them!

Make enough for everyone

Creating wonderful and lasting memories, no one wants to go home from a picnic still hungry (or ill). This means you must check that you have made enough for everyone to enjoy. Again, with every dish, it is recommended that you make it at home. This is because when you got tested for any food allergens, you know that there are not any in your meal.

Are you worried about taking your family due to potential food allergies? Feel free to head to over to and seek some advice from our customer service advisors who are always willing to help.