What Foods Cause a Bloated Stomach? | Allergy Test

Are you suffering from a bloated stomach? Not sure what it is that’s causing you to feel unwell? Here at Allergy Test, we can help you discover exactly what food items are causing your unwanted symptoms.

Up to 30% of American’s say that they suffer from a bloated stomach on a regular basis, bloating can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, although more often than not, a bloated stomach is a result of something you’ve been eating.

1. Could bread be bringing on the bloat? 

Let’s be honest, everyone loves bread, it’s a staple of most people’s diets. Have you taken a moment to think that it might actually be wheat that’s causing your bloated stomach? It’s certainly a possibility.

It’s also worth noting that wheat can be found in a lot more than your standard loaf of bread. Pasta, tortillas, and pizza are all culprits. Baked goods such as cakes, pancakes and waffles are similarly as problematic.

Don’t worry though! If you want to avoid a bloated stomach but want to enjoy these foods there are plenty of alternatives, try buckwheat, almond flour, coconut flour, pure oats or quinoa.

Perhaps celiac disease is something that’s an issue for you as a result of a sensitivity to gluten? Do not fear! There may be a solution on the way thanks to scientists in Australia.

2. Beans

An obvious one to many of us, beans include sugars called alpha-galactosides, Beans can escape digestion and are fermented by gut bacteria in the colon, as a result this causes gas and an uncomfortable bloated stomach.

Don’t worry though, a number of beans are much easier on the digestive system. These include black beans and pinto beans.

3. Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cabbage, and broccoli are all major causes of a bloated stomach. This is because they contain raffinose, a sugar that will remain undigested in your gut until bacteria ferments it, which in turn produces gas and a bloated stomach.

We highly recommend you continue to eat these greens as they’re very healthy! Although we do recommend you keep those portions sizes in check.

4. Apples

Apples are another food item that’s very good for you, that we don’t want you to stop eating completely! Apples contain fructose which can cause gas and that unwanted bloated stomach. On the other hand they’re a great source of vitamin C and protein.

Other fruits that can cause a bloated stomach include Pears, peaches and prunes.

5. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks contain a high amount of carbon dioxide, when consumed this gas is swallowed which in turn can get trapped in the digestive system, causing uncomfortable bloating and cramping.

We’d recommend cutting out the fizzy drinks and drinking water, coffee, tea or flavored still water instead.

Discover what’s causing your bloated stomach

Here at Allergy Test, we can help you identify what food and non-food items are causing you to feel unwell and may be causing you to feel bloated and gassy. All it takes is a few clicks to start your journey to better health!

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