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Dairy products give us calcium, along with a wide number of other essential vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, some people are either allergic to dairy products or worse, lactose intolerant. Before we begin talking about dairy alternatives, it is important to know your exact needs. Just because you are allergic to milk does not mean you are lactose intolerant. You can be allergic to certain dairy products or even changing the quantity of consumption can make a difference.

Allergy Test recommends getting a proper test and get a diagnosis to ascertain your exact condition and specific needs. Changing food habits based on assumptions can lead to depletion in vital nutrients.

Dairy Alternatives

So if you are looking for alternatives to milk specifically, here are the alternatives:

  • Almond Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Cashew Milk
  • Hemp Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Pea Milk
  • Nut Milk

Other dairy alternatives:

  • A great alternative to Butter is Olive Oil, Margarine, Coconut Oil
  • An alternative for cheese is Yeast Flakes.
  • An alternative to sour cream is Whipped Avocado
  • An alternative to ice cream is Sorbet
  • An alternative to Feta Cheese is Tofu
  • An alternative to regular Yogurt is Soy based Yogurt
  • An alternative to chocolate is dairy free fudge, oatmeal cookies and more.

Simply put, there are great alternatives to all dairy products. You can completely abstain from consuming dairy and still make up for the required nutrients and vitamins. It’s important you start reading labels when shopping for food items to know exactly what the food item contains.

Why are you looking for dairy alternatives?

If the answer is a diet plan to lose weight, then you are free to go ahead and make the replacements. But if you are giving up dairy products because you ‘think’ or ‘feel’ you are allergic to it, STOP!

Never change your diet based on assumptions. Everybody is unique and so are it’s requirements. What is true for one person is not necessarily true for the other. So just because your best friend is allergic to dairy, you start assuming the same! Get tested; understand your food allergies and needs. You may be sensitive to certain food items and your body may not agree with some foods but unless you test and understand the need for healthy alternatives, you will end up poorly affecting your health. Good health based on facts must be the primary focus!