Can You Test For an Egg Intolerance? - Allergy Test

Finding out that you have a food intolerance is one thing, but what about the actual process of discovering that you have one? When it comes to an intolerance, you often will attribute your symptoms to other things, especially when you aren’t really paying attention to them in the first place. However, you may be missing important signs that your body is using to communicate with you.

One example is the idea of eggs and their common disagreement with your body. It’s normal to think that you’ve just eaten a bad batch of eggs, but the reality is that you could just have an intolerance. The best way to determine that is to consider an egg intolerance test.

How effective is an egg intolerance test?

You’ll be happy to learn that an egg intolerance test is very effective. As with any other kind of intolerance test, this one is designed to take a look at your body’s reaction to eggs and ingredients and determine what you’re intolerant to. This test will also help determine just how severe the intolerance is as well, which can help you adjust your diet long term.

How the egg intolerance test works

To trust the test itself, it’s helpful to know how it works in the first place. This test is very specific and highly refined, relying on a blood sample or a hair sample, depending on your preference. Samples are tested against several common food intolerances, and the results are documented along with their severity.

One of the interesting details with food intolerance testing is that you can often find out things that you didn’t know about yourself. Many people may even go their whole lives without realizing that they even have a food intolerance. Sometimes this is because the intolerance is mild enough that the symptoms are very minor and often don’t interfere in food-related life. Other times, this is because the symptoms are misidentified as other issues, and the intolerance itself goes undetected.

The reality of living with a food intolerance. It’s important to remember that living with a food intolerance — especially an undocumented one — can be detrimental to your health and nutrition. If you suspect that you have an intolerance but aren’t sure, it’s always a good idea to get a test. It will help you enjoy a better relationship with food, and you’ll be able to even enjoying eating again. This is a common missed opportunity when you have stomach aches and sickness after seemingly every meal.

An egg intolerance test is reliable and professional. It could be the single piece of information that’s standing in the way of you enjoying a food-happy, stress-free life when it comes to meal planning and trying new foods. If you want that kind of freedom, a test could be what gives it to you!