Chocolate Intolerance: How to Tackle Symptoms | Allergy Test

Easter Sunday is coming up next month and it is really important that you know how to avoid candy if you have a chocolate intolerance. Not being able to tolerate chocolate will be really hard when your boss brings in a load of candy for you to celebrate Easter! Here are some easy ways to avoid chocolate if you have an intolerance to it, and there are also some cocoa-free treats for you to get stuck into.

1) Clear the cupboards

Let’s start with an easy one! If you have found out that you have a chocolate intolerance (you can do that here) then the chances are that you will be wanting to avoid chocolate. The easiest way to do this is by clearing your cupboards and kitchen to make it candy-free. Not only will this help your intolerance symptoms, but it will also help you and your family to live a live happy and free.

2) Distract yourself with exercise

You need to distract yourself with exercise if you find yourself craving candy. Chocolate intolerance can leave you feeling bloated, sluggish, fatigued as well as many other symptoms. If you are avoiding candy then you will not be experiencing these symptoms and so you can go on a light walk or run to distract yourself from any foods.

3) Drink more water

You should always be drinking water, but even so more if you have a food sensitivity. This is because when trying to avoid chocolate, you can drink water to avoid your cravings. Water often stops you feel hungry but it also helps you to forget about any foods that you were thinking of. Staying hydrated is important to stay healthy anyway, so make sure you are keeping hydrated!

Identify your chocolate intolerance

For more information on allergy and sensitivity testing, you should log on to and order your intolerance test to make sure you don’t have a chocolate intolerance!