Do I have a food intolerance? | Allergy Test

Did you know that there are thousands of people who are living with a food intolerance and they are none the wiser about it? Since intolerance testing is not amongst the host of traditional physical exams and more when growing up, most people don’t think to get intolerance testing unless they have attempted everything out. In reality, however, it can save you a lot of pain.


Intolerance testing and you

If you are living with an intolerance, you don’t always know it. There are indications that you will most likely recognise and some that you won’t. Intolerance testing will be the only way to conclude for sure what is causing you to react (knowingly or not).


Do I have an intolerance?

Simply assuming that you may have an intolerance is great, but here are some great ways to decide whether or not you do have an intolerance that could be logged and recorded via intolerance testing:


•  You’re struggling to lose weight: Weight loss happens when you propel your body into high gear. It optimises your system and helps it to simply work better. If you can’t get your body to lose weight, it’s because it can’t ramp up to high speed. It’s sluggish somewhere, and that “somewhere” may just be in the fuel that it gets. If you have a food intolerance, you may be dealing with a body that simply can’t work as high functioning as you want it to.


•  You’re fatigued: If you find yourself fatigued all of the time, it’s a sign that your body is working too hard to digest and process food that is not compatible with your body’s natural system. When your body works overtime, it drains you in all ways. This leads to you feeling fatigued even if you think it would be caused by other issues, traditionally.


•  A small amount of a suspected food is fine: If you can have a small amount of the suspicious food (assuming you’ve narrowed it down) and be okay, but a greater portion creates a more severe reaction, it’s a sure sign that you are intolerant. For example, those who are intolerant to gluten may be able to enjoy a treat every once and again that has gluten, but those who are allergic to gluten will have an adverse reaction from even the smallest amount of gluten. 


The only way to know for sure what you are dealing with is to get intolerance testing done and use the results that you get to improve your life. Intolerance testing may not be the first thing that you think of when you start to have irregular symptoms in your life, but it certainly can highlight issues that may be creating more downsides than you’re conscious of previously.

Take charge of your life by concluding whether or not you have an intolerance. The key to that is going to be in getting an intolerance test in a manner that works for you and your needs. It could just make your life better in ways that you couldn’t have expected.