What Are The Benefits Of Eating Chocolate? | Allergy Test

OMG, how many of you knew it is World Chocolate Day? It’s like everybody’s dreams have come true! Here at Allergy Test, we have come up with some fantastic ways to help you indulge and beat the bulge, including a chocolate intolerance test. In more exciting news, chocolate is known to be good for you, so let’s take a look at why we should be eating your more chocolate (No, you’re not dreaming).

For many of us, chocolate is our favorite food, hence we have a day to celebrate it! Even for those of us on a diet, we can relax and indulge ourselves in some of these delicious and tasty treats. Research has indicated that chocolate is us good for us in many ways, providing us with the necessary nutrients we require and also improving normal functions of the brain! Be careful though, if you think you may have an allergy or an intolerance, then you can get tested with a chocolate intolerance test, as well as multiple other food items, all in one test.

1) It’s all about the minerals

Dark chocolate is a world favorite, and whilst tasting just as delicious as the milky kind, it is also better for you. Packed with beneficial minerals, including potassium, zinc and selenium, this chocolate can fill your body with all the nutrients and vitamins you require. If you have been testing for a potential intolerance to chocolate, then feel free to further divulge and consume these foods.

2) Better for our skin

Food intolerances tend to have an impact on our skin, as we see a rise in lumpy, bumpy skin, as well as skin rashes and irritations. Helping to protect your skin against sun damage, there really are reasons to embrace and enjoy the chocolate (in moderation) this summer! If there is a birthday coming up, why not throw someone a party with a delicious chocolate cake, full of tasty and delightful ingredients. Remember, if your skin is showing up as a rash, then try a chocolate intolerance test to make sure you can eat it.

3) It can be a cure

Yes, it can be a cure. Chocolate has developed a reputation for being beneficial for your brain and health. Dark chocolate is brilliant for brain health and so there are no excuses not to enjoy the odd bit this Summer, as we celebrate World Chocolate Day around the world. Have you ever been knocked out playing rugby or cricket? Well, dark chocolate could benefit you in a variety of ways, including helping you recover from brain injuries

4) Chocolate makes you feel better

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which (get this!) gives you a similar feeling to that of when you are falling in love. Releasing all the endorphins which make you feel much better about yourself, what is not to love? So tuck into that chocolate and celebrate this year.

5) America loves Chocolate!

Don’t miss out this Summer! Everybody wants to celebrate World Chocolate Day and treat themselves without going overboard. However, if you are feeling nervous and reluctant about consuming chocolate, then take an intolerance test today and see what the results are. Intolerance tests can highlight which types of chocolate you should ignore, so it is time to move forward.

Should you want to guarantee that you can enjoy World Chocolate Day this year, then why not take an intolerance test to make sure with Allergy Test, and divulge in all the tasty chocolate you want.