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Research has shown in recent years that one-in-three people living within the United States are actually overweight or are battling with obesity. A healthy diet is something that many people like the idea of, but don’t always follow through with. This is why we are writing an article based upon eating a healthy diet and understanding the benefits of what it means to eat properly. Lots of people think a healthy diet consists purely of eating green fruit and veg. This isn’t entirely true though, find out here how can allergy testing and intolerance testing help you.

A healthy diet doesn’t mean food limitation

A common occurrence that we find is that most people assume a healthy diet means there is strict food limitation and that they have only to eat good foods. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a person may find that they have an allergy or intolerance to healthy food. Allergy testing can throw up many surprising food items that you should not be eating, but this is all part of a healthier diet. Imagine eating an apple every morning to be healthy, but every time you do, you experience a headache, nausea, and vomiting. This would signify that you have either a food allergy or food intolerance. For other people, a healthier diet features costly food options and supplements which are not always available. This puts them off eating healthily and will drive them to become overweight or mentally distressed.

Restricting food intake

Even though you may have to restrict your food intake, you don’t have to only buy the expensive foods! As Healing Hands Chiropractic noted, enjoying a healthy diet can be cheap! If you have also had the added benefit of either intolerance testing or allergy testing then you know precisely which foods you can have, depending on your taste buds of course. Essentially, what we are saying, is that with the right foods, being healthy can be fun and cost-effective.

What do the experts say about a healthy diet?

According to the World Health Organization, healthy diets feature different foods, all of which are varied and you aren’t simply eating the same thing over and over again. How varied should your diet be? Well, you can read all this in our 28 days follow up program, which you receive after purchasing an intolerance test, but here are just a few tips:

Fruits and Vegetables

Yes, we are starting with this, but it’s not always about the green stuff! Even though they are a vital source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, we know they are not everyone’s favorite. Sometimes fibers can help your digestion, heart health, and skin health. Any struggles with skincare and digestion could be resolved by eating the right foods. Remember, this is all dependent on whether or not you have an intolerance or an allergy to these items.

Other examples of how to improve your diet can be found in our 28 days follow up program! Order your intolerance test here. You can then receive your results and await the follow-up program in a series of daily emails!

What to do next?

If you’ve never experienced allergy testing or intolerance testing then this should be the next step for you. Depending on your symptoms, a healthy diet is just one step around the corner! It does not have to be complicated in any way, you just have to know how to go about it. Finding the right foods for you is not a necessity, but it will definitely help you to improve your happiness and lifestyle.

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