Coping With An Allergy This Holiday Season - Allergy Test

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone around you is getting out their aprons and oven mitts, ready to bake tray after tray of Christmas cookies. It’s a favorite part of the holiday for many people, but what about those who have a food allergy? Depending on what it is to, there are some people who can’t eat any of those delicious cookies and treats simply because they’re allergic to something in the recipe.

Are you one of those people? Never fear, there is plenty of celebrations to be had over the holidays even with an allergy

Easiest ways to deal with an allergy over the holiday

It’s understandable that you’re looking for as simple a way to deal with allergies over the holiday, which is why this list of ideas and options is going to be great for making the most out of an often frustrating situation. Here are some helpful considerations for dealing with an allergy over the holidays.

  • Bring your own allergy-friendly treats: The best way to make sure that you can enjoy the holiday treats is to bring your own allergy-friendly options. It’s not uncommon to bring your own treats anyway, especially this time of year, so no one will even notice. Plus, it will also be a great way to show those around you that allergen-free baking isn’t a compromise or a pain.
  • Let people know ahead of time: Another way to nip the problem in the bud is to make sure that those who are baking know that you have an allergy. This can be done discretely with a text or an email so that everyone knows what they have to know. Most people will be totally understanding and will easily shift their baking plans to make sure that they are allergen-safe. This is especially great if it’s a family member that may not know of your allergy.
  • Have extra medications: Worst case scenario; you don’t want to get caught without the proper medications. Make sure you pick up another dose of your medications before the holiday season sets in. Just knowing that you are covered can ease your mind a lot and help you to keep in the holiday spirit.
  • Enjoy a party for those with allergies: If there are others around you that have allergens, why not put together a platter of treats that are allergen-free? Not only is it a great way to spread the holiday spirit, but it’s also delicious and can be a lot of fun during a holiday party even with those who don’t even have allergies.

While often left out of the equation, it’s nice to know that those with food allergies can still join in on all of the festivities, even the baking ones. Sure, there are a few adjustments needed to be made, but they are minor when compared to the benefit that everyone can truly enjoy the party and be worry-free about unplanned allergic reactions! Holiday treats are an important part of the holiday, and they’re even better allergen-free.