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Young man refusing a bottle of beer

Alcohol Intolerance After COVID

If you get symptoms such as a stuffy nose and flushed skin immediately when you drink alcohol, you may be suffering from alcohol intolerance. Alcohol intolerance is a condition that makes you think that you get drunk too quickly when the reality is that your body is unable to break down alcohol like that of […]

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An image of beef.

Beef Intolerance Explained

In the US, consumers spend millions of pounds on red meat a year, especially on beef. In 2022 alone, beef production in the United States is a whopping 27.17 billion pounds {1}. Meat is a common protein in most people’s diets except for vegetarians, vegans, and plant-based diets. For some people, meat is used as […]

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An image of a female holding her stomach.

Foods To Avoid With IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that includes a group of symptoms affecting the large intestines. Even though the symptoms aren’t life-threatening, the condition is a chronic condition that you’ll need to manage long-term. Most IBS symptoms center around the gastrointestinal tract. Only an insignificant number of people suffer from severe IBS symptoms. […]

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An image of multiple Garlics.

Garlic Intolerance: Signs and Symptoms

Garlic is a prevalent ingredient used in food all around the world. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Even though garlic is common in foods, most people with garlic intolerance tend to stay with the problem for long without knowing exactly what’s affecting them because there are other major food allergen culprits like milk and gluten that […]

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Yeast VS Gluten Intolerance image

Yeast Intolerance vs Gluten Intolerance

Separating a gluten intolerance from a yeast intolerance can be difficult as the two are often found in the same food items. We will outline the difference between yeast and gluten intolerances so that you can take steps to prevent symptoms from occurring again.   What Is the Difference Between Gluten and Yeast? To start, […]

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How do I get a test for food intolerance?

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with food intolerance in life and can quickly become a quality of life matter. Reasons for some food intolerances are not yet fully understood, but most commonly this is a physical manifestation of the body’s inability or trouble in handling the digestion of certain food types. When food […]

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13 Common Food Intolerance Symptoms

Experiencing regular discomfort, abnormal bodily reactions to food, or pain could be indicative of food intolerance symptoms. If you are wondering about some of the symptoms of food intolerance and what it actually is, read on to find out. What is Food Intolerance? When a digestive system is either irritated by food or is simply […]

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