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What is an allergy?

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, you now have to make sure that you are protecting yourself (and those around you) from an allergy. The word “allergy” can often cause discomfort or even fear, even if you don’t have one yourself. A lot of that comes from simply not understanding what an […]

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Beware of an Existing Candy Allergy this Halloween

It’s almost time for Halloween and we’re all excited to pick out a scary (or super) costume and terrorize the neighbors for some well-deserved candy. But, it’s also a time to watch out for those food sensitivities that might end your night of trick or treating in stress and discomfort. When preparing for this year’s Halloween, […]

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Peanut Allergy Treatment Method is Re-Submitted to FDA

The FDA has agreed to review DBV Technologies’ Viaskin Peanut patch for potential regulatory approval, according to an announcement from the company. If approved, this would be a major step towards a new wave of peanut allergy treatment (and ultimately, allergies in general). DBV’s CEO, Daniel Tassé, called the acceptance of the company’s biologics license […]

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Do I have an allergy?

Allergies and intolerances don’t always follow — rarely, actually — a plan when it comes to how they communicate with your body and its weaknesses. As such, problems such as allergies occur, and you may not even know it. Whether it’s with yourself or a child, we appreciate it can be a scary experience when […]

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The Science Behind IgE Testing

More people than ever struggle with daily allergies and intolerance/sensitivities. From simple food choices, genetic disposition, or “luck of the draw”, everyone and parents especially are having to educate themselves on the world of food intolerances, food sensitivities and classic food allergies. The science behind it all is IgE antibody testing to detect raised IgE […]

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Are you aware of your asthma symptoms?

Do you know if you have asthma? One of the best tricks around for analyzing your asthma symptoms is to look at the three zones of asthma symptoms. There are so many signs, but let us start with green zones… When you should feel comfortable? Well, breathing is a good sign (obviously) but this shouldn’t […]

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